Insider hacks you NEED to know to save money while travelling

For some of us, the desire to satiate one’s wanderlust only increases as we travel even more. Perhaps it is in our innate nature to explore or perhaps we get too restless with routine. But, to fulfill this unquenchable thirst for travel requires a substantial amount of money and time. For all the globetrotters out there, here is a tried-and-tested list of insider hacks to save money on travel so that you can travel even more!


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Free Tourist Vouchers and Maps

Often overlooked, it is important to check out local tourist information offices, airport information counters and hotel lobbies. You can find a treasure trove of free detailed maps, attraction discounts, tourist freebies and even voucher booklets!

All these can add up to some substantial savings!

*Tip: Some famous tourist attraction are cheaper on certain days or hours. Do remember to double check on the respective websites to find out when to visit for the best rates.


Be Flexible with Flight Choices

If you manage to find some flexibility in your busy work schedule, there are many ways to save money through flight options!

Firstly, pick a reliable flight scanning site that will notify you of the best rates. Understand that when prices go up, business flyers can’t change their schedule but you can, so play that to your advantage. Avoid packed flights and choose departure timings at less popular hours such as red-eye flights in the middle of the week or on Saturday nights. These are often cheaper because of lower demand.

Another way is to book alternative routes with transit stops instead of direct flights. Transit flight tickets not only cost lesser, the break also helps to reduce feelings of fatigue. In fact, if you have a transit time of more than 6 hours, you can also make full use of the long layout to explore a new city and do a quick tour!


Book Hotels Online for the Best Deals 

It has become incredibly hassle-free to compare hotel rates and check out reviews of accommodation with just a few clicks. Many hotel booking portals offer significant room promotions that are not available for walk-in guests because of specially-arranged partner collaborations. So, it is wise to spend a little time to research on rooms and get the best deals.

Do you know the newly launched has a lowest price guarantee and is offering $30 off all hotel bookings for a limited period? Browse through more than 170,000 hotels available and be on your way!


Travel at Night

One great trick of intrepid travellers is to strategically travel during night time on overnight coaches and trains. This method helps to save on a night of accommodation and you can wake up just in time for a new day of exploration!

If you are worried about quality of sleep, pay a little more for sleeping cabins or reclining soft seats. If you are a light sleeper, just go prepared with an eye mask to keep out the light, ear plugs, comfortable clothing and a jacket to keep you nice and snug.


Willer Express’s luxury sleeper bus in Japan. Image:

Japan has several fleets of luxury overnight sleeper buses that commute between major cities while you are blissfully in dreamland. These buses come with plush seats that can be adjusted to your preferences, impressive privacy features, mood lightings and even electric points to charge your devices. You not only save on accommodation and also on the transportation needed to get to the next destination. In addition, the sleeping experience is totally worth it!


Get Recommendations from the Locals

Because the locals know it best!

Getting insider tips about food recommendations or unique things to do from the local people can go a long way. There are fantastic hidden food places that are not found in your typical guides because they serve the local clientele. Naturally, prices here are usually cheaper than those found in popular tourist sites and you will also get to rub shoulders with the local community.

You can also get great advice about faster travel routes or insider news about the latest promotions. The best thing is the making of unlikely friendships! If you are unsure how to break the ice and talk to strangers, one good way is to ask for directions or start a conversation with service staff!


Have a Hearty Meal from the Local Markets

Drop by local farmer’s markets and/or supermarkets to find a deliciously staggering array of ready-to-eat foods that are catered to the local consumers! Appetising salad mixes, hot meats and cold cuts, freshly-baked breads, exotic local delicacies, fresh seasonal fruits and a lot more. You can also stock up on snacks and dried foods to stave off hunger pangs while on the road.

Costing a mere fraction of the prices at a restaurant, you get the same good quality (maybe even fresher) and a fun, local experience!


Purchase Attraction Tickets Online

The internet is your oyster! Buying attraction tickets online, especially for popular theme parks, are the way to go. Not only is it cheaper to buy tickets online, it also saves you the time and hassle to physically queue at the counter. You can either buy the tickets from their official website or check out trusted authorised sellers such as .

At Changi Recommends, you can search and book attractions passes at irresistible prices! Disneyland, Universal Studios, Madame Tussauds’s wax museum, world-famous art museums and more! Do remember to check if there’s any ongoing promotions or discounts as well, as they happen quite frequently.


Go for Free Walking Tours

A relatively new way that originated in Europe to explore main tourist sights, free walking tours can now be found in most major cities.

Skeptical travellers may be relieved to know that many of these tours are led by freelancers, students and retirees who will give you the most interesting and informative guided tours. Why? Because it is not entirely ‘free’! Yes, you are expected to give tips at the end of the tour, deservedly for their efforts and time. This ‘free tipping’ practice means that the quality of these free walking tour guides is likely to be better than those hired by tour companies!

Free walking tours are the perfect way to get to know the city’s history and culture through the eyes of a local. It is also a very easy way to make new friends from all over the world. The best thing is that it will save you a heap of money as compared to traditionally-led group tours!

How to find them? Just google!


Seek Out Spots with Free Wi-Fi

One of the easiest ways to save money is to reduce data usage and seek out free Wi-Fi spots. Common areas include cafes, restaurants, libraries and public hot spots! This applies to accommodation as well. It is highly recommended to choose hotels that provide free Wi-Fi so that our social media obsession will not burn a hole in our pockets.

Alternatively, if betting on public hotspots for free Wi-Fi is too risky for you, consider renting an overseas WiFi router from ChangiWiFi from a mere $2.25/day! That’s a really low cost compared to the total sum for the overall trip. This additional $2.25 will help you navigate, stay connected, find recommendations and more. Otherwise, consider the new Pay-Per-GB plan, which is affordably priced at $32 (for the initial 2GB) for holidaymakers going to USA or Europe!


With these money-saving travel tips that have been gathered from real travellers themselves, look forward to a new year of bolder adventures and more memorable experiences!