Easy Ways to Ace a Long-Haul Flight

ICYMI: Singapore Airlines has announced yesterday that they are re-launching the “world’s longest commercial flight” of 19 hours from Singapore to New York, which will begin operations on Oct 11 this year. The non-stop flight is meant to attract business travellers (reportedly not available for economic travellers), allowing them to save up to four hours in transit.

With long-haul flights becoming increasingly popular with flyers, many airlines have started supplying more routes to meet the demand. Also recently in March, Qantas has completed its first non-stop flight from Perth to London in 17.5 hours.

While travelling long distances saves time, it also takes a toll on your body. Here, we put together a couple of easy tips you can apply pre-, during and post-flight to keep yourself in optimum condition:

Before your flight…

Boost your immunity

It’s no secret that travelling stresses your body out. It also doesn’t help that you’re stuck in a cabin with recycled air that you share with other passengers that might be sick (yikes!)

long haul flight

To keep yourself from falling sick, ensure that you get sufficient sleep leading up to your flight, exercise often, maintain a proper diet, and load up on Vitamin C through citrus fruits, berries, and dark leafy greens.

Wear comfortable clothes

Score sartorial points from your favourite celebrities and get on the athleisure trend. Keep it comfy yet chic in tights, sweatpants, a simple tee, and a jacket for when it gets chilly.

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Do yourself a favor and avoid tight clothes and stiff fabrics like denim. If you must, bring them along and change into them before touchdown.

During the flight…

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

The air on in-flight cabins is unbelievably dry and dehydrating. While it may be tempting to enjoy the free-flow bubbly, try to stick to regular water and keep the sugary drinks, caffeine and alcohol to a minimum, or avoid them altogether.

long haul flight

Those drinks actually dehydrate you further and the crash that comes afterwards will make you feel much worse. So drink more (water!) and often, at least it reminds you to get up from your seat and use the restroom every now and then.

Keep yourself moisturized

Flying in compressed cabins strips a ton of moisture (see how to get that summer glow) from your skin, and even though technology has made it possible for higher humidity levels in aircraft, it’s still not enough to keep your skin from being dry and dull.

long haul flight

Avoid water-based creams or sprays as it only encourages the air to dry out the surface of your skin even more. Look for heavier, oil-based creams and sleeping masks that lock hydration in instead. Don’t forget your lips and body! Apply lip balm and body cream to exposed skin every now and then to keep them moisturized.

Block it all out

long haul flight

Maybe it’s a crying baby, or the lights overhead, but you just can’t seem to fall asleep no matter how tired you are. To make your sleeping environment more conducive, bring your own eye mask and ear plugs. (While most airlines do provide them, they don’t really seem effective). If you can, look to invest in some noise-cancelling earphones, too.

After your flight…

You’ve finally arrived at your destination! Sadly, the after-effects of travelling tend to stay with you even after the flight has long ended. Fret not, by practicing the pre-flight habits we shared above and keeping hydration a priority, you’ll be reversing the effects in no time.

Share with us how you survive long-haul flights!

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