JUST IN: You Can Now Connect in 13 New Countries with ChangiWiFi

If you are like us, avid travellers who’re always game to pursue new experiences and places, finding ways to stay connected in unfamiliar terrains is an essential step! And if you’ve been eagerly waiting for #ChangiWiFi to accompany you through destinations (which you never thought possible), here’s the good news:

You can now get connected with ChangiWiFi in a total of 58 countries (from $5/day); the 13 new additions include Mexico, New Zealand, Egypt and Sri Lanka.

As we work hard to bring you new coverages, we aim to eliminate your concerns like:

changi airport wifi router

Staying connected is crucial in navigating around a foreign country.

  • Getting lost
  • Communicating with the locals
  • Finding restaurants
  • Documenting travel updates on social media
  • Face-timing loved ones back home

Which means you can now use Google Map, translate online, search for recommended restaurants online on-the-go and stay connected with your loved ones from $5/day.

changi airport wifi router

Our new destinations include popular countries like India, Brazil and Egypt.

Below, the specifications of our devices in the various countries:

changi airport wifi router

More details on the device specifications for the respective destinations.

Reserve now at goo.gl/kuwyv8.

If you have any queries, our 24-hour customer care service will be happy to assist you via the following channels:

What’s your favourite new #ChangiWiFi destination? Share with us in the comment box below!

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