5 Easy Ways to Navigate Around Japan Like a Pro

Japan sounds and is an excellent idea for a vacation. But for us, foreigners, language barrier, cultural differences and the (extra) charges for goods and services can be intimidating.

Here, five easy tips to save you some time and money:

#1 Print out your itinerary

Heard of travellers who ended up getting lost when their phones went flat? You can prevent this from happening to you by printing out your itinerary in advance! Check out our Trip Planner that allows you to export pre-planned itineraries to PDF in a single click.

Now, you can travel around seamlessly as you can show the itinerary print-out when taking a taxi or asking locals for directions to reach your destination (be it an attraction or hotel).

#2 Download the Google Translate app

japan trip planner

Launched in 2016, Google Translate is a free tool that supports more than 100 languages.

For tourists like us, a language barrier could possibly be the worst nightmare, especially when you are caught in some sort of travel emergencies – like desperately needing to find a toilet or food to relieve gastric pains.

One quick solution to dispel these problems is to download the Google Translate app on your smartphone. This handy app has been widely recognized by translators and foreigners alike to be one of the most effective tools to have when travelling. While the translations might not be perfectly accurate, the locals will at least be able to catch the main point of your conversation. This beats attempting to figure things out yourself.

#3 Purchase a Suica Card

japan trip planner

You can use the Suica Card to board the Kominato Line trains (above).

If you are not planning to drive, chances are you will need to rely on Japan’s extensive train networks for short-distance train journeys. Comparable to the EZ-Link card in Singapore, the Suica Card (get yours here) is a convenient all-in-one payment option and can be used on all bus, train transport networks (except the Shinkansen), stores and vending machines. Yup, you don’t have to queue and purchase single journey tickets all the time!

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#4 Find out where to get cash

japan trip planner

Did you know: You can withdraw cash from more than 24,000 7-Eleven ATMs across Japan.

Short of cash after a fulfilling day of retail therapy and food tasting? We’re not surprised. In Japan, however, it can be hard to find an ATM that accepts foreign cards. To save you the trouble of finding the right ATM, here’s a tip: You can withdraw Japanese Yen from 7-Eleven and local post offices.

Note: This is only possible if you have pre-activated your card for foreign withdrawals.

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#5 Rent a WiFi router

The last thing you will want to face when traveling overseas would be data-deprivation. Imagine not being able to send out text messages or upload the latest Instagram stories! The best solution is to get a wireless router which you can also use to connect multiple devices at one go.

For those who worry about expensive data bills or limited data usage, we would recommend the ChangiWifi router for unlimited internet 24/7, at an affordable rate as low as $5/day*.


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