Introducing Korail Pass—THE Transport Card For Exploring South Korea!

You must know of the Japan Rail (JR) Passit’s a tourist-only transport pass that allows travellers access on the expansive Japan Rail network of buses, trains, and ferriesbut did you know that South Korea, too, has its very own KR Pass? Like the JR Pass, the Korail (KR) pass is only available for foreigners, and is an economical and convenient means of transport for tourists.


Access to over 80 Routes & 600 Korail Stations

With the KR Pass, you can take unlimited rides on the KR network. This includes the Korail Train eXpress (KTX)! The KTX trains hit speeds of 350km/h, and is especially recommended if you’re travelling long distances. Not only is it fast, but it is also very punctual, which makes planning a lot easier. It doesn’t hurt that the KTX trains are equipped with amenities like an in-train restroom, snack vending machines, and more. There are four KTX stations: Seoul Station, Yongsan Station, Cheongnyangni Station and Yoeungdongpo Station.


From Seoul Station to Busan Station, it is only 2.5h via the KTX!

Aside from the KTX, KR Pass-holders can take the tourist trains. This includes the Central Inland Circle Train (O-Train), Baekdu-degan Valley Train (V-train), Jeongseon Arirang Train (A-Train), South Coast Train (S-Train), West Gold Train (G-Train), and the Peace Train (DMZ-Train).

Do note that there is no KR Station at the Incheon International Airport. We recommend the Airport Railroad Express (AREX) train to get from the airport to downtown Seoul. From there, you can take the KTX out to other regions like Busan and more.

You Can Also Buy A Group Pass

As if the KR Pass isn’t already the most affordable transport option, you can save even more by getting a Saver Pass. If you and your family and/or friends (2 – 5 pax) are travelling on the exact same itinerary, you can get the Saver Pass, which is about 10percent cheaper. You will be issued one pass with all your names, and with that, you can travel as a group. Do note that if you choose this, you won’t be able to split up and go on different routes as it is a shared group pass.


Here are all the available Korail Pass types:

  • Adult Pass (age 26 and up)
  • Youth Pass (age 12 to 25; or International Student Identification Card (ISIC) holders)
  • Child Pass (age 4 to 11)
  • Saver Pass (group passengers of 2 – 5 people traveling on the same itinerary)
  • Flexible Pass (choose selected dates for pass usage; valid for use within 10 days)

Seat Reservations

Another great feature of the KR Pass is that you can reserve seats. There is standing room in the train cabins, but of course, it is preferable to ‘chope’ seats for long rides. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Purchase your KR Pass from Changi Recommends.
  2. Head to the official KR Pass page HERE.
  3. Select the date, train, route, and seat.
    You can make a reservation up to 1 month before the travel date.
  4. First-class seats are available at additional charge. If you select them, you will be prompted to make payment (via credit card).

How to Purchase

Buying your Korail Pass (starting from April 2018)

  1. Head to Changi Recommends’ South Korea attractions page.
  2. Select ‘Transport’ on the menu (on the left).
  3. Choose from the following pass types:
    1 Day Pass 
    – Consecutive Pass (pass for 5-day period or 7-day period)
    – Flexible Pass (2 selected days or 4 selected days)
  4. Checkout and make payment online.

Registering your Korail Pass

  1. Submit passenger details to Changi Recommends to register your KR Pass HERE.
  2. Receive your KR Pass (e-ticket) within 4 working days.

Using your Korail Pass

  1. Simply print out your KR Pass and use it to board the trains!
  2. You will need to present the KR Pass with your train ticket and passport to use the trains.

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