10 Affordable Hotels in Tokyo With Super ‘Shiok’ Onsen Facilities

When it comes to holidaying in Japan, onsen is often a big part of the itinerary. And rightfully so: The country is one of the most volcanically active in the world!

A relaxing dip in the hot spring waters is said to do wonders for your health. The minerals (like sulfate, calcium, and magnesium) can help relieve fatigue, skin allergies and arthritis, while the heat can improve blood circulation and induce muscle relaxation. This ‘miracle’ bathing culture dates back to the Edo period, but back then, the locals had to travel all the way to the source of the healing waters (like spa towns Hakone and Atami) just for a soak.

Thankfully, there are now over 3,000 onsen located all over Japan. So even if you’ll only be in Tokyo, you can still enjoy a nourishing warm bath within the lively city. In fact, many hotels offer great onsen facilities for their guests. If you’re on the hunt for hotels in Tokyo with hot spring baths, here are our top 10.

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10 Hotels in Tokyo with the Best Onsen Facilities

hotels in tokyo

#1 Tokyo Yugawara Onsen, Manyo-no-Yu, Machida

Address: 1685-2 Tsuruma, Machida, Japan
It is a 20-minute walk from Minami-Machida Station & a 40-minute drive from Haneda Airport.

hotels in tokyo

#2  Dormy Inn Tokyohatchobori Hot Spring

Address: Shinkawa 2-20-4, Chuo, Tokyo, Japan
Located in Central Tokyo, it is within walking distance of Kyobashi Train Station, and is close to Ginza, Tokyo Stock Exchange and Bridgestone Museum of Art. Dormy Inn is a chain of hotels and ryokan in Japan.

hotels in tokyo

#3 Hoshinoya Tokyo

Address: Chiyoda-ku Otemachi 1-9-1, Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan
Also in Central Tokyo, it is near popular attractions Edo Castle, Tokyo Imperial Palace and Nihonbashi.

hotels in tokyo

#4 Oedo Onsen Monogatari

Address: 2-57 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Koto, Tokyo, Japan
It is a 20-minute stroll from Daiba Train Station, and is near the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation and the Museum of Maritime Science.

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hotels in tokyo

#5 Suigetsu Ohgaiso Hotel Tokyo

Address: 3-3-21, Ikenohata, Taito-ku, Taito, Tokyo, Japan
It is near Uguisudani Railway Station, and within walking distance of Ueno Park (great for cherry blossom viewing!), National Museum of Western Art, Toeizan Kaneiji Endon’in Temple, the Tokyo National Museum and University of Tokyo.

hotels in tokyo

#6 Dormy Inn Premium Tokyo Kodenmacho

Address: 2-3 Kodenma-Cho Nihonbashi Chuo-Ku, Chuo, Tokyo, Japan
It is in Central Tokyo, and near the city’s nightlife district. Part of the Dormy Inn chain, the Dormy Inn Premium is the higher-end brand of hotels.

hotels in tokyo

#7 Sadachiyo

Address: 2-20-1 Asakusa, Taito, Tokyo, Japan
It is within walking distance of the famous Senso-ji, Asakusa and the Asakusa Shrine.

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hotels in tokyo

#8 Dormy inn Premium Shibuya Jingumae

Address: 6-24-4 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
Located in the heart of shopping district Shibuya, it is near the quirky Harajuku street and Shibuya Public Hall. Part of the Dormy Inn chain, the Dormy Inn Premium is the higher-end brand of hotels.

hotels in tokyo

#9 Mitsui Garden Hotel Shiodome Italia-gai

Address: 2-14-24, Higashi-shimbashi, Minato, Tokyo, Japan
It is a 10-minute walk from Nippon Television, and near to Shiodome, Shiodome Media Tower, Acty Shiodome, Shinbashi, Shiodome Freight Terminal and Nakagin Capsule Tower.

hotels in tokyo

#10 Dormy Inn Akihabara

Address: 4-12-5 Sotokanda, Taito, Tokyo, Japan
It is in the comic wonderland Akihabara, and is close to Ueno and the Kanda Shrine.

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