The Nitty Gritty Travel Checklist You Didn’t Know You Needed

Most people travel to take a break from work or school. But for some, travelling itself can be a little stressful! Especially if you don’t have time to properly plan and prepare for your upcoming trip. To make this easier, here’s a comprehensive travel checklist (nitty gritty details included!) for you.

Travel Checklist

travel checklist

  1. Book your flight.
  2. Book your accommodation.
  3. Book your transport (private car, if any).
  4. If you’re driving, ensure you have an eligible licence.
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    travel checklist

  5. Activate your overseas credit card permissions.
  6. Check for travel warnings and advisories.
  7. Check your passport validity.
  8. Ensure you have the required travel visas.
  9. Register your trip with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA).
  10. Make photocopies of your important travel documents (or keep a copy in your phone).
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  11. Change money.
  12. Purchase travel insurance.
  13. Book ChangiWiFi.
  14. Check the local weather.
  15. Head to the pharmacy to pickup flu medicine.
  16. Pickup clear zip-lock bags to store your hand-carry liquid items.
  17. Hire a pet-sitter.
  18. Give your family members a copy of your itinerary.
  19. Pause your fitness memberships.
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  20. Pack your travel adapter.
  21. Pack snacks for the road.
  22. Pack toiletries into travel-friendly containers.
  23. Make space for travel photos on your phone.
  24. Save emergency numbers and addresses on your phone.
  25. Set your out-of-office email.
  26. Pay all outstanding bills to avoid missing the deadlines while overseas.
  27. Charge all your devices and power banks.
  28. Download the maps of your destination.
  29. Buy local transport passes or cards. Buying it online and in advance usually means greater savings.
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  30. Clear your home refrigerator of foods that are expiring while you’re overseas. Think milk, fresh vegetables, and the likes.
  31. Take out the trash.
  32. Switch off 4G.
  33. Charge your devices.
  34. Arrange for your transport to Changi Airport.

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