ART OF TRAVEL: Full-Time Traveller @AmeBeverly on Feeling Homesick & Going Off The Beaten Path

Amelyn’s Instagram feed is a delight to look at: It’s the kind that inspires wanderlust, and makes you want to get up, book a flight, and escape Singapore. It also gives you warm, fuzzy feelings, especially with all the #relationshipgoals photos featuring her significant other, Dan.

Amelyn Beverly

In 2017 alone, the travel enthusiast covered some 10 countries and over 20 cities. She holidayed in Australia (Sydney and Tasmania), United Kingdom (London, Bath, and Brighton), France (Paris), Netherlands (Amsterdam), U.S. (San Franciso, LA, Vegas, Arizona, Utah, Yosemite, NYC, DC and Boston), India, Hong Kong, Indonesia (Surabaya and Bali), Thailand (Phuket, Bangkok, and Chiang Mai), before ending her year off with a bang at UAE (Dubai).

Amelyn Beverly

Having accompanied the lass on her adventures around the world, we ask Amelyn to take this chance to slow down and share more about her passion for travelling.

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On Going Off The Beaten Path

“As a full time travel creator, I’d like to see myself travelling to countries that are a little different from the usual destinations. By different, I don’t mean Hong Kong, Japan or the U.K.; I mean India, Dubai, South Africa or Egypt.”

Amelyn Beverly

On Her First Trip to India

“When I first travelled to India last year, I was so excited to see the Taj Mahal and Jaipur, the Pink City. It was a real pity that the Taj Mahal was undergoing some restoration works when I visited, hence I did not get the full experience of stepping inside. I was most impressed with the architecture of India. The intricate marble carvings on the walls and ceilings are extremely stunning! It truly is incredible. I would definitely head back to India again, for a full experience at the Taj Mahal and of course, for the food.”

On Her Favourite Thing About Travelling

“I would say culture is my favorite part of travelling. Each time, I make it a point to collect something that best represents the country I visit. I love to be able to look back and tell stories not only through photographs, but also through the items I’ve brought home from all over the world.”

Amelyn Beverly

On Feeling Homesick

“Even though nothing excites me more than travelling, I do miss home at times. I make it a point to video call my Mom when I am away for more than 2 weeks and it does help with being homesick!”

On Travelling With Dan

“Travelling with someone you love is a true test of your relationship! I’m fortunate to not have had any issues travelling with my partner and I would say we make quite the perfect team when we travel.”

Amelyn Beverly

On The Pipeline for 2018

“2017 was just the beginning of my adventures around the world. This year is going to be even more exciting and I can’t wait to share my story with you guys!”

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Images by Amelyn Beverly.