Going to Japan? Make Sure You Don’t Miss These Limited Edition Goodies!

From exclusive Pokemon & Street Fighter merchandise to limited edition lines from luxury fashion brands, here’s our list of the top things of what to buy in Japan.

#1 Starbucks Christmas Merchandise

Starbucks Japan is famous for their pink sakura tumblers and mugs, and this Christmas, the lifestyle brand brings to us yet another collection of drool-worthy keepsakes. Featuring pastel hues and whimsical illustrations, here’s a peek at Starbucks’ winter merchandise:

#2 Universal Studios Japan Merchandise

The theme park is a wonderland for Japan-exclusive souvenirs! From Minion buckets to Harry Potter-themed trinkets, you’ll be able to get limited edition finds for almost all the characters in the Universal Studios world. Our favourite is the super cute Bob Minion Bucket (Singapore sells a slightly different Minion!).

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#3 Macdonald’s Limited Edition Game Sets

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Happy Meal, Macdonald’s Japan has released limited edition versions of the most popular games from our childhood! There’s Game of Life, Uno,Twister, Monopoly, Pop-up Pirate, and poker playing cards. (From Nov 17 onwards.)

Video credit to Mattel / マクドナルド公式(McDonald’s) via YouTube.

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#4 Bulgari x Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Range by Hirohiko Araki

With a previous Gucci collection under his belt, Japanese manga artist Hirohiko Araki has outdone himself again with an exclusive Bulgari range. Featuring illustrations of the cast from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (including the popular Killer Queen, an abstract concept character), there’s everything from bags and wallets to scarves and other accessories.

#5 Crestbridge (Formerly Burberry Blue & Black Label)

If this sounds foreign, it’s probably because you know it as Burberry’s Blue and Black label! In 2015, the label re-branded to be called Crestbridge, after its parent brand Burberry decided to re-enter the Japanese market. Targeted at youths, the designs channel modern chic, but with a quirky twist.

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#6 Pepsi Christmas Cola & Kit-Kat Birthstone Chocolates

Yup, you read right. Japan is the land of strange, quirky food, which is why popular confectionery brands love releasing limited-edition flavours there! This year end, you’ll be able to get a Christmas cake-flavoured Pepsi drink, and a series of seasonal Kit-Kats. The Birth Stone chocolate collection follows (obviously) the monthly birth stones, with a new flavour released each month. December’s is Tanzanite (purple yam).

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#7 Street Fighter x Transformers Figurines

In a puzzling crossover, Japan sees their favourite arcade game heroes from the Street Fighter series as they turn into robotstransformers, to be exact! Scheduled to be released only in Japan in May 2018, these unique toys will come in the form of robot Ken, Ryu, Chun Li, and M. Bison/Vega.

Video credit to ガジェット通信(GETNEWSJP) via YouTube.

#8 Pokemon Center Merchandise

How can we miss this out? Fans of the yellow pocket mouse will know all too well that the best Pokemon merchandise can only be found in Japan! Head to the Pokemon Centers across Japan and pick up adorable souvenirs like plush toys, key chains, stationary, and many more.

Video credit to SuesKawaiiCollection via YouTube.

#9 Issey Miyake Limited Edition Bao Bao Bags

Now, you can snag the Bao Bao bags in Singapore, but did you know: The full range is in Japan! Considering it’s a Japanese brand, this is not surprising. There are many limited edition colours and designs that can only be found in Japan; plus, and they’re about 30% cheaper!

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