Hakone, Japan: Where You Can Ride on A “Pirate Ship” & Eat Black Eggs

Featuring natural scenery, multiple hot springs, and more, Hakone is the place to be–especially for those who enjoy nothing more than a relaxing day of rest and relaxation! Less than 100km away from central Tokyo, the mountainous town is easily accessible and perfect for day trips.

The most cost-effective and convenient way to get around the town is with your Hakone Freepass: It covers a round trip to Hakone by Odakyu train, as well as discounted tickets to popular touristy spots like Mishima Skywalk, Gotemba Premium Outlets and more. As an added bonus, pass holders are entitled to unlimited rides on board the Hakone Tozan Railway, bus service, and ropeway.

hakone day trip

Hakone is a modern-day Disneyland: Think pirate ships, cable ropeways, and dramatic mountainous backdrops!

So, now that you’ve gotten your transport ready, it’s time to sort out your day itinerary! Here are some of our favourite attractions in Hakone for you to consider–let’s go!
Note: It takes approximately two hours to get from Tokyo to Hakone.

Hakone Day Trip Itinerary Ideas

hakone day trip

Often dubbed as “gateway of Hakone”, travellers have to go through the Hakone Yumoto station to enter the scenic area.

An Ode to Nature

Recommended duration at attraction: 1 hour

Once you’ve reached Hakone Yumoto Station, you can take a leisurely stroll around the Downtown Area (just outside the station). There lies the shopping street, which features a hodgepodge of shops stocking unique local souvenirs, street food and more. If a relaxing foot bath sounds like the perfect way to kickstart your adventure, you’d be pleased to hear that there are over 40 hot spring inns for you to pick and check into nearby.

hakone day trip

Just a minute away from the station is the iconic Ajisai Bashi bridge.

When you’re not on the train, bus, and/or tram, you can explore the picturesque town on a rickshaw, and walk along the river (there are pathways to step onto) to soak in the tranquil surroundings. If you want, you can even pack sandwiches for a mini picnic here!


hakone day trip

Under these iconic Torii gates is a popular spot where tourists and locals frequent to pray and soak in nature.

A Spiritual Journey

Recommended duration at attraction: 1 hour

Sitting at the waterfront of Lake Ashi is the Hakone Shrine Torii gate, a popular spot for tourists and locals to pray and soak in the serene sights and sounds of Hakone. Getting to this spot requires a bit of climbing, but we promise a rewarding experience for both nature lovers and spiritual individuals.

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hakone day trip

Boiled in the hot springs, these eggs turn black due to the waters’ sulfur content.

A Magic Egg?

Recommended duration at attraction: 2 – 3 hours

Owakudani Valley is well loved by visitors, and for good reason: There’s the educational Geo Museum, scenic Hakone Ropeway cable car ride (make sure you keep an eye out for Mt Fuji!), and more. But the real highlight is the Owakudani Black Eggs, which are cooked in the naturally potent hot spring waters. Rumour has it that eating these eggs can extend your life for up to seven years!

We’re not sure how true that is, but no harm trying, right?

Fun fact: The crater in the thermal valley was a result of the final eruption of Mount Kamiyama, dated 3,000 years ago.

UPDATE30 Nov 2017
The walking and hiking trails around Owakudani are currently closed due to the volcanic gases. While the ropeway and selected restaurants and shops remain open, those with respiratory conditions should avoid the area until it is reopened again.

hakone day trip

A French-inspired pond at the center of the garden.

A Blooming Beautiful Sight

Recommended duration at attraction: 1-2 hours

Flower lover or not, you’ll heart this feel-good garden replete with beautiful blooms. Swing by Craft House, where you can get hands-on with your loved ones by taking up their creative workshops (which include pottery, embroidery, glass blowing and more). You can also try your hand at flower arrangements and make your own bracelets! (A clever gift or souvenir idea too, don’t you think?) If you’re feeling peckish or just want a cuppa, head to the cafe inside.


hakone day trip

Lake Ashi in autumn.

A Peaceful “Pirate Ship” Cruise?

Recommended duration at attraction: 1-2 hours

Hop on board the sightseeing cruise (also known as the “pirate ship” due to the ship’s appearance) to explore the stunning Lake Ashi. On a clear day (such as in the picture above), you’ll be able to see Mt Fuji in the distance and you’re guaranteed one heck of a memorable experience!


hakone day trip

Gotemba Premium Outlets during sunset.

One for the Shopaholics

Recommended duration at attraction: 2 – 3 hours

Boasting over 200 stores, the Gotemba Premium Outlet houses everything from fashion apparel and household electronics to cafes and restaurants. From luxury buys to affordable bargains, there is something for everyone. Plus, the view of Mt Fuji in the backdrop is unbeatable.

Bonus Recommendation: Fuji-Q Highland!

hakone day trip

Located at the base of Mount Fuji, the famed Fuji-Q Highland is known for its highly notorious roller coasters.

Although not actually in Hakone, the popular Fuji-Q highland is much nearer to Hakone than it is to Tokyo. (Twice as near, to be precise. It’s only 55km away from Hakone, but 103km away from Tokyo.) So if you’ve plans to take on the exhilarating Takabisha roller coaster (the record-breaking ride features a 121-degree vertical drop), you can consider setting off after your day (or weekend) in the Hakone region.

Because the queues can get pretty long, we suggest the adrenaline junkies dive straight to the “extreme rides”, which including the Fujiyama, Eejanaika and of course, Takabisha. The anime lovers can check out the 3-D life-sized “Evangelion”, while the horror fans can head to Mizuki Shigeru’s Ge-Ge-Ge Haunted Mansion for a worthy scare fest.

Share with us your favourite attraction in Hakone and why by commenting below!

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