Getting Pretty: Top 10 Beauty Buys from Taiwan

If you’re a beauty junkie, you must know about the Ladies, First (女人我最大) variety show! Featuring innovative and trendy cosmetics and skincare products each week, the series has garnered a religious following of fans who swear by their recommendations. In case you haven’t had time to compile a list, we’ve done it for you. Here are the top beauty products and brands you should pick up when you go to Taiwan.

Taiwan Shopping Guide: Beauty & Skincare Edition

#1 MaskingDom

This Taiwanese brand is a hit for its super cute cartoon packaging, as well as its use of all natural ingredients. The masks are made of Japanese silk and bamboo fibers, and the skincare formulas are free of mineral oil, parabens, alcohol, and even animal ingredients (they are cruelty-free!).


You’ve probably watched viral videos of their makeup reviews, and maybe even seen them at local drugstores. Although available locally, MKUP is much cheaper in Taiwan–it goes for almost 30% off! We recommend the high coverage BB cushions, as well as the popular Complexion Cream.

#3 LoveMore face masks

Also using silk sheets, these masks are known for using premium deep ocean water as the base for the mask serums. They come in natural, oriental herb flavours (ingredients) like Pearl & Red Barley, Loofah & Aloe Vera, and more.

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#4 L’Herboflore charming eye masks

These super thin, wing-shaped eye masks are a joy to put on! They’re comfortable, and come in pretty packets. Each product has specially commissioned illustrations, making it perfect for souvenirsif you can bear to give them away, that is!

#5 Buly 1803

Alright, we admit–Buly 1803 is not actually from Taiwan. It hails from France, but the Taiwan branch is its first overseas outlet. The brand is two centuries old, and uses ancient recipes to formulate their skincare and fragrances.

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【Buly News】全台首波體驗包裝限定發送,感受古老美容秘方 ! – Buly延續著品牌原有商品的各種特質,描繪古典的玻璃瓶輪廓,配色同質細緻插畫,製作了一款尺寸較小的體驗包裝。將於店鋪免費派發,安排一場透明細膩的經驗,誠實地展現Buly天然美容配方的質地,只要專注感受就能覺察不同之處。 – . 🎷第一波 時間:10/14 (六) 地點:Buly台北忠孝Sogo店 品項:HUILE ANTIQUE香氛身體按摩油-墨西哥晚香玉 限量100份,每人限索取一份,送完為止。 . 🎺第二波 時間:10/15 (日) 地點:Buly台北忠孝Sogo店 品項:LAIT VIRGINAL香氛身體乳-墨西哥晚香玉 限量100份,每人限索取一份,送完為止。 . 🎷第三波 時間:10/21 (六) 地點:Buly台北忠孝Sogo店 品項:HUILE ANTIQUE香氛身體按摩油-大馬士革玫瑰 限量100份,每人限索取一份,送完為止。 . 🎺第四波 時間:10/22 (日) 地點:Buly台北忠孝Sogo店 品項:LAIT VIRGINAL香氛身體乳-大馬士革玫瑰 限量100份,每人限索取一份,送完為止。 #BULY #BULY1803 #BULYTAIWAN #OFFICINEUNIVERSELLEBULY#PARIS #TAIPEI #BULYNEWS #HUILEANTIQUE #LAITVIRGINAL

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#6 Miss Hana

Now that we’ve spent all that time recommending face and eye masks, it’s time to talk about dolling up those peepers. Keep that cat-eye on fleek with Miss Hana’s eyeliner, which is known to be super water- and sweat-proof. It is especially great for our hot and humid weather!

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美好的假日,当然就要使用Miss Hana彩妆💋💋💋 现在Miss Hana不熏染眼线胶笔只需RM20.00 一支。 假期就爱宅在家里,上网购物,省时、省油、省固本钱、在省气力。轻轻松松在家网购,等待包裹,然后在家拆礼物。 不知你是不是和小编一样,每次都好期待收到包裹的感觉,每次都有收不完的礼物~~ 今天就到网站选购你的心动好 ➡️➡️➡️ 一起和小编在家拆礼物。。 Is a lovely weekend and holiday, let online shopping together. A simple way to shop your goods, save time, save parking fees and of course save up your energy. Let shop with us ➡️➡️➡️ #indonesia #jualjakarta #jualkosmetikmurah #cosmetics #beautycare #misshana #misshanaeyeliner #misshanamy #misshanamalaysia #muaindonesia #muabandung #muajakarta #muamalaysia #mua

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#7 Lam Sam Yick beauty brushes

Think the name sounds like it sells traditional Chinese products? Well, you’re not entirely wrong. Lam Sam Yick used to sell calligraphy brushes in Fuzhou, but after the decline of that industry, they relocated to Taiwan to sell makeup brushes. The brushes come in adorable shapes (like pink heart bristles), and are luxuriously soft to the touch.

#8 Kai Deluxe

A line by celebrity makeup artist Xiao Kai Lao Shi, Kai Deluxe is one of Taiwan’s best-selling cosmetic lines! Especially popular is the air cushion blusher, which comes in two shades that flatter the Asian skin tone.

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#9 Dr Cink Serums

With the current trend of focusing on dermatologically certified formulas, there are tons of “Dr” brands in Taiwan! Dr Cink is one of the more well-known ones, and the top-selling products are the serums! The Hydrating and Restore Replenishing Night Serums are the bestsellersthe former was apparently first formulated as a surgery aftercare product.

#10 Bevy C. skincare

Bevy C. takes an unconventional approach to skincare: Instead on focusing on flawless skin, the brand has come up with products to enhance the lasting power and appearance of your regular makeup. Meant as a pre-makeup regime, the creams and serums actually protect your skin from harmful makeup ingredients. For translucent skin, try the Lumiwhite range.

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