15 Japanese Snacks You Will Regret Not Buying Home

Updated: 3 Nov 2017

Latest! It’s just been announced that the world’s favourite chocolate snack Kit Kat is collaborating with Tokyo Banana for its newest Japan-exclusive flavour. Find out where to buy it below.

Japan is one of the top travel destinations of all time. The country and its people have such colourful history and culture, the scenery is breathtaking, and the food is simply to-die-for! If you’re a huge Japanese foodie like us, we recommend you “extend” your holiday by bringing home a tasty slice of Japan for your friends and family to enjoy!

Here are our top 15 Japanese snacks to buy home:

Japanese snacks

#1 Bankaku Yukari shrimp cracker

This shrimp rice cracker is the perfect savoury snack, especially if you love seafood. A Japanese keropok of sorts, the Yukari cracker is double-baked to tasty goodness, using a traditional technique that’s said to date back to the Edo period.

Note: You can get these in Singapore’s Takashimaya departmental store too, but they are much cheaper in Japan.

#2 Grand Calbee premium potato chips

Exclusive to the Grand Calbee store in Osaka’s Hankyu Umeda, these gourmet potato crisps are three times thicker than the brand’s regular (already super delicious) chips. They come in six flavours, which are Rock Salt, Butter, Tomato, Cheese, Strawberry and Burnt Milk.

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弾ける新食感、GRAND Calbee『ポテトビート』がデビュー✨ こだわりの素材で仕げた「GRAND Calbee」から、この春夏登場したのが『ポテトビート』🌸 大きく波打たせたウェーブカットが噛むたびにサクサクッと軽やか🏄
大阪・阪急うめだ本店地下1階「GRAND Calbee」でお待ちしております! #calbee #カルビー #グランカルビー #grandcalbee #potato #ポテトチップス #ジャガイモ #じゃがいも #お土産 #suvenir #japanese #japanesesnack #osaka #阪急百貨店 #阪急うめだ本店 #hankyu #梅田 #umeda #snack

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Note: During pop-up events, the Calbee Grand chips may be found at selected Calbee retailers. So even if you can’t make it to Osaka, keep an eye out for ityou may just get lucky!

#3 Hagi no Tsuki Custard Cake

A luxuriously fluffy sponge cake with a custard center, the Hagi no Tsuki was inspired by the Autumn moon (“Tsuki”). Choose from three different ways to eat it: You can have it warmed, chilled, or even frozen. We enjoy it best when it’s frozen—like ice-cream!

#4 Hiyoko Manju 3D “Chick” Cake

Almost too cute to eat, this three-dimensional “little chick” (Hiyoko) cake looks like an edible rubber ducky! Originating from the Kyushu region, this yummy snack features a soft cake exterior and sweet, lima bean filling.

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#5 Instant Noodles

Japan is THE land of cup noodles! They even have a Cup Noodle Museum, which was opened by Nissin. There, you can buy instant ramen in seemingly any flavour imaginable, but our real recommendation is the Nakiryu Dandan Instant Noodles: It’s actually inspired by a Michelin-star dish (by Nakiryu) that is famous for its springy ramen. Can the instant variation replicate the award-winning texture? Turns out it cantry it to believe it!

Note: We heard that the Nakiryu cup noodles may have been discontinued, but no harm trying your luck, right? 

#6 Japanese Kit Kat

There’s Kit Kat, and then there’s Japanese Kit Kat. From the packaging to the flavours, there’s just something about these exclusive chocolates that we love! There are over 100 variations, including Western-inspired ones like cinnamon cookie and European cheese, as well as local specialties like wasabi.

Update: There’s now a Tokyo Banana Kit Kat! You can buy it at Tokyo Sweets Land, Ichiban-gai at Tokyo Station from 15 November 2017 onwards.

#7 Calbee Potato Farm Jaga Pokkuru

If you love French fries, you have to try this: A crunchy snack made from local potatoes and salt, the Jaga Pokkuru is a hit with not just the tourists, but locals too. Although originally from Hokkaido, it’s also available at Narita Airport and selected stores in Tokyo.

#8 R.L Waffles

Waffle fans would’ve definitely heard of R.L Waffle Cafe, a hip hideout located near Tokyo Station. Not only are the waffles delicious, the minimalist Scandinavian-inspired interior is also perfect for the ‘gram. The best part is that they sell bite-sized waffles for takeaway, so you can “dabao” them.

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#9 Royce Chocolate

Royce Chocolate hardly needs any introduction. And sure, you can get them back home. But since these famous chocolates hail from Japan, it’s way cheaper here! You can purchase the soft Nama chocolates at almost half the price in Japan.

#10 Tokyo An-Pudding

It’s pudding galore in Japan, but if you’re looking for a take-home snack (instead of a dine-in teatime affair), make sure you get the Tokyo An-Pudding. It may look like a “normal”, unassuming caramel pudding, but the dark topping is actually Hokkaido red beana local specialty!

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Tokyo an pudding…หาทานยากนะ นานๆมาที เนื้อเนียน ละเอียด ไม่หวานมาก ขนาด 8 ถ้วย #พร้อมส่ง 03 ต.ค.นี้** 650- #baankanomjapan #camembert #cheesecake #Tokyo #cheese #yummyfood #yummy #dessert #desserts #instragram #japan #yummydessert #yummycheesecake #yummy #instragram #ขนม #ขนมญี่ปุ่น #ขนมนำเข้า #ขนมอร่อย #ร้านขนม #ของฝากจากญี่ปุ่น #instralia #foodporn #aroii #foods #บ้านขนมญี่ปุ่น #gramercynewyork #newyork #cheesecakes #tokyoanpudding #pudding

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#11 Tokyo Banana

You didn’t think we forgot, did you? This banana-custard cake is insanely popular, and high raved about by foodies from all over the world! If you’ve already had the original flavour, we recommend the Maple one, which is not only super fragrant, but has cute hearts printed on it.

#12 Tokyo Honey Sugar by Yoku Moku

The Tokyo Honey Sugar is a Tokyo-exclusive waffle snack by Yoku Moku, a confectionery more known for their “cigare” cookie rolls. A crispy honeycomb-shaped biscuit topped with aromatic honey, this is for those who love sweet treats. You can buy it at Tokyo Meihinkans near the south exit of Tokyo Station.

#13 Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Cookies

Found only in Tokyo, these yummy cookies are a hidden gem! They look similar to the popular Shiroi Kobito “White Lover” Cookies from Hokkaido, but instead of a white chocolate sandwich, this features creamy milk and cheese. They come in two flavours: Salt & Camembert and Honey & Gorgonzola.

#14 Terra Saison Petit Honey Bears

It may be hard for you to bring back the famous Terra Saison Swiss rolls, but don’t feel bummed: The Honey Bear Petit cakes are super yummy too! Plus, they’re cute to boot. Comes with a honey center.

#15 “White Lover” Biscuits by Shiroi Kobito

Last but not least, don’t forget to pick up the Shiroi Kobito “White Lover” Biscuits! The Shiroi Kobito Park is in Hokkaido (where the biscuits are made), but you can get these at the airport too. The light Langue de Chat cookies and creamy white chocolate layer make this one of the best-selling Japanese snacks of all time.

Got a favourite Japanese snack to recommend? Tell us in the comments!


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