The Ultimate Money-saving Guide: Changi Airport Edition

Keep the cash for your holiday! When it comes to travelling, every penny counts. Here are our top money-saving travel hacks—Changi Airport style.

To kick things off, think about this: What’s one thing you can’t travel without?

Ask any millennial and the answer you’ll get is “WiFi”. We completely understand, so here’s our first hack:

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#1 Get unlimited overseas internet with ChangiWiFi.

Gone are the days when we could make do with (questionable) café WiFi—it’s just too slow to do anything (read: surf social media platforms and upload live updates). Prepaid SIM cards typically come with a stingy data cap, but may still be justifiable if you’re going solo and are prepared to use it very sparingly. However, if you’re travelling in a large group on a budget, consider getting a ChangiWiFi rental instead.

Basically, you pay a daily rental fee for an overseas WiFi router. Here’s why it’s a real steal: The device can be used by up to 6 to 8 people at each time, which means you and your friends can use the internet on-the-go, without a single worry of hefty overuse charges. Let’s do some math:

Let’s say you’re going to Japan for one week, it’ll cost you $5 / day x 7 days = $35. Now deduct $5 for first day free rental, $35 – $5 = $30. Finally, split the cost among 8 of you, $30 / 8 pax = $3.75. You only pay less than $4 for seven days of unlimited* high-speed WiFi!

All router rentals are whilst stocks last, so pre-booking is necessary at, especially during peak travel seasons like June and December. Before you depart, simply swing by the Changi Recommends booths (at the airport) to pick up your device.

#2 Pre-book your overseas day tours, attraction tickets, and transport passes online!

Now that you’ve got your portable internet settled, it’s time to extend your savings to your travel essentials. Changi Recommends ( is a one-stop e-shop with discounted everything from attraction tickets to transport cards. And they can get as cheap as up to 50% off retail price.

singapore changi airport

For example, you can snag Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car tickets (Hong Kong) at $29 instead of the usual price, $34. Same goes for Hong Kong Ocean Park, which is 30% cheaper than retail price! Why pay full price when there are good deals to be had?

Done shopping? Add to cart, check out, and you’re done! Some attractions require hard copy tickets/vouchers, but you can collect these (along with your ChangiWiFi router) at any Changi Recommends booth across all terminals. Although we try our best to ensure a seamless transaction always, you may need to queue during peak travel seasons. As such, we recommend you arrive to Changi Airport as early as you can.

And that brings us to our next tip…

#3 Score exclusive F&B and shopping vouchers with Changi Airport’s Early Check-in Initiative.

Be an early bird and catch the worm—or in this case, the freebies and exclusive discounts!

We can get why Changi Airport would want you to reach early; by doing this, you’re helping to ease the hectic last-minute queues and other resulting complications. But what’s in it for you? Well, a lot of savings, that’s what. (And we’re not just talking about the 7% GST deduction!)

singapore changi airport

Here’s how it works: First, check if your flight allows early check-ins. If yes, zip over to the airport, complete your check-in, and then unlock your e-vouchers by scanning a QR code at any of the participating counters* or by visiting the redemption site. We won’t let all the cats out of the bag, but here’s a teaser: You can get Starbucks at $2, and further discounts off the already tax-free Shilla Duty-Free cosmetics and perfumes!**

Pretty neat, huh?

#4 Still got time to spare? Make use these FREE airport facilities.

If you’re not prepared to spend a single cent, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

For the nature enthusiasts, there are five themed gardens—Cactus Garden (T1), Sunflower Garden (T2), Enchanted Garden (T2), Orchid Garden (T2) and Butterfly Garden (T3)—in the transit area which you can enter for free. It’s a great place to snap those airport fashion #OOTDs!

singapore changi airport

Prefer games and movies? Head to the Entertainment Deck (T2). Unlike LAN shops that charge by the hour, this hidden hideout is completely F-O-C! There are two movie theaters (T2, T3) that screen the latest blockbusters, as well as a gaming area, which is stocked with PCs, Xbox360 and Kinect, and PlayStation 3 consoles.

Just want to catch a wink? Go ahead and take a power nap at the Free-to-Use Snooze Lounges, which are available at every terminal (in transit).

#5 Lastly, sign up for the Changi Rewards loyalty programme!

Congratulations on making it this far—you’ve almost completed your super “aunty” tutorial! The final step is to sign up for the Changi Rewards card (it’s free, too).

Grab a card from any of the information counters and/or register for one online. You can use it to accumulate points, which can be redeemed for either Changi Dollar vouchers or KrisFlyer miles. Other perks include birthday treats and GST savings, even in the public area. (P.S. If you’re lucky enough to be travelling on promotion weekends, you may even get double GST rebates!)

singapore changi airport

Disclaimer: All information (including but not limited to prices and promotions) are accurate at the time of writing. For the latest information, please refer to the respective brand websites.
^In accordance with selected countries’ regulations, Fair Usage Policy applies. *Please refer to Changi Airport’s official website for the exact locations of Early Check-in Counters. **Check-in promotions valid until 31 Oct. For the latest deals, please refer to Changi Airport’s official website.

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