Don’t Rush the Good Stuff: 4-Day Great Ocean Road Itinerary

Some go through the world’s most famous coastal road in a one-day tourwhich is finebut if you have more time, why not take it slow and really enjoy the drive?

Here’s our 4-day Great Ocean Road Itinerary:

Day One: Geelong & Lorne

Although not yet officially the start of the Great Ocean Road, these coastal cities are a great start point for your adventure.

great ocean road itinerary

You can see the Split Point Lighthouse from Aireys Inlet.

Just an hour’s drive away from Melbourne, Geelong is the second largest city in Victoria, and features the Corio Bay as its backdrop. Lorne is slightly further down the coastal road, another hour away. On your way there, you will pass by Aireys Inlet–if you’re tired from the flight, take a break from the road here.

Many love Geelong and Lorne for their hip cafes and Australian food, so be sure to stop by for brunch if you can!

great ocean road itinerary

We had ours at Freckleduck, Geelong.

The locals are also very big on pies, which you can get at almost every supermarket. We recommend the freshly baked ones, from Grandma Shields Bakery in Lorne.

great ocean road itinerary

The beef pies were too-die-for!

After eating, walk the food off by taking a short stroll at Lorne Pier. Many locals enjoy fishing here, and if you’re lucky, you may witness a bite or two!

great ocean road itinerary

Behind Lorne is Teddy’s Lookout, a popular scenic spot. From the viewing platform, you’ll be able to catch the waves as they break into the mouth of St George’s River, as well as the surrounding mountain scenery. There is also the impressive Erskine Falls about 10km from Lorne.

Day Two: Torquay

Can’t get enough of the cafes? Grab a bite at Bottle of Milk before leaving the area.

great ocean road itinerary

Bottle of Milk has two outlets, one in Geelong, and one in Lorne.

Next up, the official gateway to the Great Ocean Road and surfer heaven, Torquay!

Here, you’ll find surfing shops with equipment and gear, so if you’re a fan of the sport, be sure to set aside time for retail therapy!

great ocean road itinerary

Bells Beach.

On the southern outskirts of the city is the famous Bells Beach. The world’s longest running surfing tournament Rip Curl Easter Pro is held at here. If you’re hoping to catch a wave, they’re particularly good from March to October.

A short drive away is the Great Ocean Road Chocolatier. A candyland ode to all things cocoa, you can find not just ice-cream, sweets, and confections, but flavoured soaps and other merchandise too! It’s perfect for the young ones (and those with a sweet tooth!).

Day Three: Apollo Bay

Now, we get to the most “happening” stretch of the coastal route: Apollo Bay! This town is the closest city to many famous landmarks, including the Twelve Apostles and Cape Otway Lightstation. We recommend spending two nights here, because there’s so much to see and do!

great ocean road itinerary

The lush rainforest of Cape Otway is like nothing you’ve seen before!

On the first day, go hiking or for some zip-lining at the Otway National Park! Keep an eye out while on your drive to the stunning rainforest region: You may be able to spot some koalas munching on eucalyptus leaves!

It’ll be a tiring day, so wind down in the evening. Seafood lovers will rejoice, as there are many dining options here for you.

For a light bite, try the award-winning Scallop Pie at Apollo Bay Bakery.

 great ocean road itinerary

Pictured L – R: The Beef and Scallop pies.

For a main meal, hop into one of the restaurants with fresh catches!

 great ocean road itinerary

Most restaurants will let you pick out your fresh seafood, and prepare it in your preferred style (typically deep-fried or grilled).

There’s also a private scenic spot called Marriner’s Lookout. It is privately owned, but the owner has opened it for the public to enjoy. From here, you can see the entire township, and the bay.

Day Four: Apollo Bay & Port Campbell

It’s time to explore further out from Apollo Bay!

great ocean road itinerary

Drive out to the iconic Cape Otway Lightstation, which is perched on a cliff 90m above the waters. Visitors may climb the stairs to access the Lightstation Balcony, where you can soak in the sea breeze and panoramic views of the rugged coast. There’s also a restaurant in the complex, and the historic Telegraph Station.

 great ocean road itinerary

Two of the Twelve Apostles.

Next, drive down to the ultimate icon of the Great Ocean Roadthe Twelve Apostles. Although there are only seven of the breathtaking formations left, it’s still a sight to behold. In the immediate area of this landmark is the Gibson Steps as well. Slightly further down is the Loch Ard Gorge.

great ocean road

The Arch was renamed in the 1990s after one span of the London Bridge collapsed.

Continue on another 14km and you will reach The Arch and The Grotto. Formerly known as the London Bridge, the Arch previously resembled a bridge until it eroded. The Grotto is unique sinkhole formation, and there are steps you can walk down to see the sea during low tides.

If you got this far… you’ve actually reached Port Campbell!
So if you’ve still got time, you may catch the other scenic landmarks Bay of Martyrs and Bay of Islands.

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