“Purposely-Accidentally” Meet K-Pop Stars In The Cafes They Own

KPop fame is not enough for these stars! Swing by these cafes in Seoul for a chance to bump into Korean idols G-Dragon, Park Shin Hye, their parents, and more.

Top 4 KPop Celebrity-Owned Cafes in Seoul:

#1 Little Tin Drum 양쳘북 — Park Shin Hye’s Parents

Address: Seoul Gangdong-gu, SeoNae-dong 548-3

Owned by Park Shin Hye’s mum, Little Tin Drum is famous for its barbecued pork intestines and roasted intestines with noodles. When eating there, there is only one rule: Please respect Shin Hye’s privacy and refrain from asking for photos and autographs! Harsh as it may seem, that only means one thing—that the stunning starlet is there very often!

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#2 Aewol Monsant 카페 애월 드 몽상 — G-Dragon

Address: 56-1, Aewolbukseo-gil, Aewol-eup, Jeju, Jeju Island 63043

Although neither G-Dragon nor YG Entertainment (nor anyone else, for that matter) has confirmed that the Kpop sensation owns this upmarket restaurant, it’s been widely accepted by his fans that he does. The cafe is on Jeju Island, and offers a captivating view of the Jeju coast. It’s said that G-Dragon often visits with his friends too, so you have a good chance of catching him here!

#3 Caffe Soo 카페 수 — Suzy Bae’s Mum

Address: 14–25 Usan-dong, Buk-gu, Gwangju, South Korea

Originally a small snack joint, Suzy has since renovated her mum’s business into a homely cafe! Located in Gwangju (Suzy’s hometown), the decor is 100 percent Suzy-themed, with photos and posters of her on the walls, tables, and seemingly every surface you can find. Now, wouldn’t you love if your quick bite turned into a meet-and-greet with the natural beauty Suzy and her dashing boyfriend Lee Min Ho?

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後記: 燦爸店 因為現在有新變動 早上也開 店名叫CHAN by Hikoco 吃buger的 好好吃! 我當天是第一位客人呢 誤 無關係..哈 好吃 好吃 之前去都是晚上去飲一下酒 這次早上很新奇 燦爸都在呢 人很好 很暖心 謝謝燦爸 已經出了門口要走 還特地出來跟我們說 去過都知道燦爸是多麼暖的人 想起之前也是跟燦爸聊天還可以合照 最後太晚又在門口目送我們遠去 不斷說要小心 安全回家 有這樣的爸就有這樣的兒 XD #CDORADO #CDORADOHK #exo #PCY #chanyeol #parkchanyeol #exol #exohk #hkexol #exotic #hkexotic #hkexo #exolhk #exok #朴燦烈 #燦烈 #行星 #行星飯 #박찬열 #찬열 #엑소 #엑소엘 #CDORADOandDiary #CDORADO後記 #exoplanet2 #exoluxionindot #chanbyhikoco

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#4 CHAN by Hikoco 찬바이히코코 & Viva Polo 비바폴로 — EXO’s Chan Yeol’s Dad & Mum

CHAN by Hikoco 찬바이히코코: 14 Yangpyeong-ro 12ga-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu
Viva Polo 비바폴로: 312-86 Myeongil 1(il)-dong, Gangdong-gu

CHAN by Hikoco is a hamburger bar where you can cool off with some beer and listen to live music (from 8.30pm to 11.30pm). It is run by Chan Yeol’s dad, whereas the family’s other joint, Viva Polo is run by his mum. The latter serves Italian cuisine, and features images and autographs of not just Chan Yeol, but the other EXO members as well.

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