Air Stewardesses Spill The Beans On Their Top In-Flight Beauty Tips


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When it comes to looking glamorous, air stewardesses are in a league of their own. They’re like superwomen: They can push trolleys, balance food trays, and clean toilets throughout the flight, and somehow still waltz out of the aircraft like models on the runway. So how exactly do they manage to evade the evils of frizzy hair, puffy eyes, and more? We speak to a team of cabin crew members to find out their top beauty tips.

beauty tips

Who better to ask for in-flight beauty tips than air stewardesses?


#1 Drink Water

Most people don’t know this, but the air in the plane cabin is actually recirculated and moisture-free, which is why it saps moisture from your skin. To avoid flaky skin and breakouts, make sure you prep your body by drinking lots of water.

beauty tips

It’ll take time for its effects to reach your skin, so start hydrating a few days before your flight. (Image credit:

#2 Use Moisture-Boosting Products

On the same note, give your skin added hydration by the using products targeted at dry skin. Instead of the lighter day creams, opt for extra rich night moisturizers or overnight masks.

beauty tips

If you’re too shy to slap on a paper mask in public, consider using sleeping packs that you simply slather on and wash off after six to eight hours. (Image credit:

Thinking of using a facial mist? Don’t waste your time: The air will absorb the moisture from it before it even reaches your skin.

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#3 Avoid Makeup Before Your Flight

A lot of us are reluctant to leave the house without first applying some bb cream and eyeliner, but trust us (or rather, our beauty gurus) and skip the makeup. The cleaner your skin, the more efficient it is at lapping up the goodies from your skincare products. If you must have makeup on before the flight, make sure to cleanse it thoroughly as soon as you board the plane.

beauty tips

If you want to have a full face of makeup when you land, let your skin rest and try not to wear makeup during the flight. (Image credit:

#4 Put On (or Touch Up) Your Makeup Around 1 Hour Before Landing

One hour would give you just enough time to get dolled up for your first selfie at your holiday destination! Don’t wait till the last minute to put on your makeup—as the plane descends, the ride gets inevitably bumpier. Imagine lining your lips or applying mascara like that!

beauty tips

Once the plane begins to descend, it will be difficult to apply makeup. (Image credit:

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#5 Avoid Matte Lipsticks and Waterproof Mascara

Although super handy in humid Singapore, these products are especially drying and unsuitable for already dehydrated skin and lashes. Forgo the mascara, and swap the matte lippie for a tinted lip balm instead. If your lips are chapped, lipstick will settle in the lines anyway.

beauty tips

Tinted lip balms are a good option to keep your puckers moisturised with a hint of colour. (Image credit:


#6 Prepare Your Hair For the Drought

Nope, your luscious locks aren’t spared from the unforgiving dry air! To avoid frizzy static hair, make sure you wash your mane just before your trip. Use a leave-in conditioner or hair oil on your hair ends to prevent dryness. If you suffer from greasy roots, pack a powdered dry shampoo on board. (Note: Aerosols are not allowed on flights!) For volume, those with long hair can tie their tresses up in a loose ponytail, untying it upon disembarking.

beauty tips

Still struggling with static hair? Try using a wooden comb or brush. (Image credit:


#7 Abstain From Caffeine, Alcohol, and High-Sodium Snacks

Looking good comes from within too! Avoid processed snacks like chips and cup noodles, as they are high in sodium and causes bloating. Additionally, cut back (or better still, abstain completely from) coffee and alcohol. They will only worsen your body’s dehydration!

beauty tips

No matter how much you think you need it, it’s best to avoid coffee. Your skin will thank you for it! (Image credit:

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