Get This “Tokyo Banana” Dupe At Just 50 Cents In Bangkok

You’ve surely heard of Tokyo Banana, the super popular custard-filled banana cake from Japan. It comes in a chic paper box, with your choice of four to 16 pieces. This food souvenir is as expensive as it is delicious though: A four-piece box will set you back ¥483 (S$6), while a 16-piece one costs a whopping ¥2,057 (S$25.50)! That’s a lot for something you can finish in just one big bite!

That said, we’re fans of the fluffy fruit cake. And that’s why we were especially thrilled to find an alternative while holidaying in Bangkok.

Behold the Bangkok Banana:

banana cake

This Thai banana cake tastes very similar to Tokyo Banana, but costs just one third the price at S$0.50!

Alright, we made that name up. But for how similar it tastes to the real deal, it might as well be named such. This is the Le Pan Banana, by Le Pan Bakery, which makes fresh pre-packed confections that range from donuts to cakes.

Just like Tokyo Banana, this features banana-flavoured custard filling that is sandwiched between two pieces of sponge cake. The cream is not too sweet, and the cake is light and fluffy. Plus, the cream to cake ratio is just nice, making it a perfect tea time snack.

The Le Pan Banana cake is a 7-11-exclusive, and while there are stores at almost every turn, these snacks sell like hotcakes! We actually had to go to three different convenience stores to find these goodies because they were sold out at the first two.

banana cake

These Thai banana cakes come in original and strawberry flavours, and is available exclusively at 7-11.

Also, here’s a tip:

The cake costs 12 baht (S$0.50) a piece, but when bought in a box of four, it costs 59 baht (S$2.40). We don’t understand why either, but if you’re on a budget, it’s more cost effective to get four loose pieces at 48 baht (S$1.90).

So the next time you’re in the land of smiles, don’t forget to pop by your local 7-11 to find treats like these and more!


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