Art of Travel with Avid Food Instagrammer @yongkaiiii: “Food is Life.”

Singaporeans are foodies at heart. It’s an open secret that everybody is incredibly proud and a little shy about at the same time. From exquisite fine dining options to street-style cravings, we are never more than a few blocks away from satisfying chow. And then, there’s food porn.

The art of immortalising that belly rumbling sight into a visual that not only stimulates you gastronomically, but also visually. And an art it is, as anyone who has tried taking photos of their food would attest to.

Take Yong Kai for example. His Instagram feed @yongkaiiii is chockful with snazzy treats from piping hot steamed goodies to the chilliest of beverages. Drool worthy, I swear. And like anyone with a fiery passion gone a tad overboard, hunting down oralgasmic delights have become such a part of his life that travelling for food has become nothing short of a norm. It’s the best of both worlds, melding the fun of a holiday together with experiencing flavours that will throw down the wildest palette party. That’s joy on so many levels. And that’s so Singaporean.


Yong Kai

Changi Recommends (CR): What’s your favourite part about traveling?

Yong Kai (YK): My favourite part about travelling will definitely be experiencing new stuff: a new environment, trying out new food, culture, etc., there’s so much out there that I’ve not experienced, and I can’t wait to tick them all off my bucket list!


CR: How do you normally decide what’s good/nice to shoot and what’s not?

YK: I’m an avid Food photographer, so first and foremost, I will definitely be taking photos of food. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t try out other kinds of photography shots as well! As a general rule of thumb, as long it’s something that represents the country I’m visiting, I think it’s worth a shot (pun intended)!


Yong Kai

CR: What tips do you have for the average traveller when they are taking photo of their food?

YK: Explore all kinds of shots! Flatlays, 45 Degree Angle (which btw, is best For Food Shots), Low Angle shots… any comfortable shot that you think suits your style!

Another tip: if you’ve run out of ideas and need some inspiration, browse some Hashtags related to food on social media. If you’re a newbie at this, you can find nice photos that you can try to imitate and hone your skills and knowledge. Otherwise, it can also act as a library of inspiration in terms of aesthetics and feel that you might want to create for your next photo.


CR: What are 2 destinations on your bucket list that you have not visited and why are they on your bucket list?

YK: Japan and Australia! I love Japan Culture and of course Japanese Cuisine. Australia’s amazing because the architecture there is stunning!


Yong Kai

CR: What are some things you used ChangiWiFi for? Anything photography-related?

YK: I used ChangiWiFi for almost everything to be honest! First up are emails – being self-employed means that it is imperative to reply emails on the go! Next most use function for me would be Google Maps. I don’t think I need to explain how lost anyone would be without it. Lastly, and crucially, social media! I update my whereabouts regularly on my IG stories and post on my IG feed daily (I try my best to!) As cliché as it sounds, IG really is a useful platform not only for posting stuff, but in fact, I use it heavily to interact with my audience/followers as well!


CR: How do you think ChangiWiFi has benefited/will benefit your trip?

YK: Changi Wifi allows me to stay connected wherever I go and as mentioned above, I can’t live with social media. It keeps me entertained so I’ll never be bored whenever I’m travelling overseas. Staying connected to ChangiWiFi is actually a priority. Apart from that, I also rely on ChangiWiFi to locate myself or even arrange transport! It’s multipurpose and universal; I’d actually have to say that it’s almost impossible for me to travel without it nowadays!


Yong Kai

CR: As a photographer, how does travelling help you in what you do?

YK: It allows me to explore the world, to bring variety to my page! Different architectures, different cuisines, different culture. Yes, I do agree that Singapore has plenty to offer in itself, but there are even more experiences beyond that that can only be discovered within each destination. I find joy in visiting unique destinations, as that will allow me to capture everything I see and do and share it on my Social Media!


CR: What is the most incredulous moment/most extreme thing you have done in your photography journey?

YK: I’m actually quite a shy person so I guess even shifting my food around, rearranging the plating or standing on the stool to capture the perfect shot can be very extreme to me. People might stare, snigger or make snide comments but I always tell myself to pluck up my courage, focus and do it properly. Effort is needed to get good shots, but at the end of the day, it is worth it.


Yong Kai

CR: In a short sentence, describe what food and photography means to you.

YK: Food is life; it’s, at the very basic level, the most important thing in my life. At the same time, photography is my lifestyle. It’s my way of expressing myself, the way I communicate, the way I share my life with others. Together, they are the reason I live my life and how I live my life.

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