Nifty Tips And Tricks To Save Money On Mobile Data When Travelling Overseas!

Travelling to faraway destinations can chalk up some serious expenses, especially with important travel necessities like your accommodation, flight tickets and even something as simple as your overseas mobile data.

Although you might not be able to scrimp on fixed flight rates or fathom staying at a less-than-decent hotel, being wise at managing your overseas roaming might be the answer to saving those precious bucks off your total holiday expediture. Here are some neat tricks to take note on your next holiday that will be sure to help you save!


#1. Use ChangiWiFi’s new Pay-Per-GB plan

ChangiWiFi has recently launched the new Pay-Per-GB plan, an affordable alternative for travellers heading to USA or Europe who prefer to pay only for what they use. If you are someone who doesn’t require unlimited data, then this plan is just for you!

Fuss-free and easy, ChangiWifi new Pay-Per-GB plan is priced at $32 for the initial 2GB. As compared to daily rental rates for unlimited data, the Pay-Per-GB plan helps you stretch your dollar over a longer period of time, especially if you aren’t a heavy data user. Should you require more data, ChangiWifi has also got you covered! Additional Wi-Fi can be topped-up conveniently any time during your trip at $20 per GB. Peek below for a quick cost comparison:

Users can rent a WiFi router for up to 15 days and connect up to 5 devices at once, so sign up and start saving with your travel buddies through this link: Pay-Per-GB Plan



#2. Ask locals for directions and recommendations

Instead of just googling for the best recommendations or navigating with the help of your phone’s map (all these little searches add up to the data count!), try asking a friendly local for THEIR favourite spots. Who knows, you might even discover an awesome hidden spot for the most authentic local experience.

Be friendly and curious, meet a stranger and make a friend. Mingle with the locals and fish out some cool tips from them. With that said, be street wise at the same time! If you see a shady character hidden along some dingy alley, trust your instincts, move along and find someone more approachable. After your first few times, you’ll get the hang of it and approaching locals for help won’t seem as daunting as before!



#3. Plan your itinerary ahead, save an offline copy of the street map and train route

It is always advisable to plan and do your research before leaving the accommodation for the day. This will help you to be efficient during your vacation, saving time (not to mention data) typically used for last-minute research done on the go.

Save an offline version of the local train map by either taking a screen shot or downloading an application of the local train map in your phone. This will help you to conveniently navigate between stations, knowing where to board and alight to reach your destination. You may also request for a hardcopy pamphlet from train stations (most stations will have them upon request if they’re not available free-for-all).

One other pro-tip would be to favourite your places of interest on Google maps, and save an offline version so you’ll always have it available. Just in case you wander off your planned route and realise that you have ended up near to another cool spot that you’ve favourited, you can alter your itinerary and visit that instead. You’ll save some hours by having to not re-navigate back to the same spot on another day.



#4. Always remember to switch off your data roaming and any unnecessary notifications before departing

Boarding a plane always brings about a special feeling – anticipation that you’ll disembark in a whole new place, serenity (hopefully!) while cruising at 30,000 feet high in the air and of course, the pure joy of either catching up on much needed sleep or browsing through the catalog for a nice movie to watch. But hold your horses. When the announcement comes for passengers to switch off their mobile phones, do a quick settings change to ensure that data consuming notifications do not flood in the second you turn your phone on or deactivate airplane mode.

Applications aren’t able to distinguish if the data you’re consuming is going to be costly or not, and the onus will be on you to prevent that from happening. Do a quick scroll down your list of applications and swipe the notifications column shut. Sure, you might have some applications that are almost essential but every other app on your phone is probably just “good to have”. Add up all their notifications and you’ll find yourself paying for a substantial megabyte that you had no idea of.

All in all, a holiday can be a once in a lifetime experience that no amount of money can replace. With that said, life goes on after the vacation and we’re back to our daily grind. Hopefully, these tips will help in managing your holiday wallet and you’ll have enough travel funds to scoot off to another trip sooner than expected.

To make a reservation of ChangiWiFi’s new Pay-per-GB plan for your next long haul trip, simply visit You may conveniently collect and return the routers at desired Changi Recommends counter at Changi Airport. Feel free to check out the travel deals and services while you’re there!

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