What to Do If You Encounter an Earthquake

Firstly, we are deeply saddened by the sudden terrible news: Lombok’s 6.9-magnitude earthquake that hit the island early last week. And just yesterday, news sources have it that the death toll has reached to an alarming number of 430. Bali, a more touristy destination that is close to the beautiful island of Lombok is reported to be affected, too. Surrounding islands reported tremors that can be felt in some areas as well.

lombok earthquake

A seismograph machine showing seismic and earthquake activity.

Did you know: Countries like Indonesia and Japan are more prone to earthquakes thanks to its position in extremely active seismic areas along the subduction zones.

Following the natural tragedy that fell upon our neighbouring country, we felt the urgency to know what to do should we encounter one on a holiday:

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If you’re indoors:

Get down

lombok earthquake

Go under a table or bed if you see one nearby, but if not, cover your head with your hands and stay low on the ground.

Stay in your room

And stay away from pieces of furniture or heavy fixtures that could potentially fall on (and hurt) you. If you’re in a hotel room, stay in bed and use the pillow to protect your head.

Stay inside the building (till the shaking stops)

The natural instinct would most probably be to rush outside the building and escape. But studies have shown that most injuries occur when people tried to leave the building to another location.

If you’re outdoors:

Stay where you are (until the shaking stops)

There’s a higher possibility for you to get injured if you move outside than staying. So stay, unless you’re too near hazardous positions as mentioned in the second point below.

Stay away from buildings

Reports have it that the most dangerous spot lies directly outside the buildings (at exit points, corridors and along exterior walls).

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