Why Millennial Travellers Think Cruises Are Still Cool

When someone mentions the word cruise, I immediately recoil, remembering holidays as a child spent aboard tackily decorated ships, eating mass-produced food that tastes like cardboard, and being forced to do the same activities over and over for close to a week.

At times, it felt like I was stuck in a floating prison and my parents and grandparents were the only ones enjoying themselves.

If this is bringing back some bad memories for you, too, let me go against myself and tell you why you should seriously consider a getaway on these ocean liners:

Cruises created with millennials in mind

We’ve come a long way from cruises looking to cater to every age demographic to them realising the importance of distinguishing and catering to each target market — separately. There has been a rise in said cruises, looking to provide tailored experiences and activities onboard, more adventurous and experiential excursions, and nightlife being a key feature.

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It’s The Ship — Asia’s largest festival at sea — is one of the most popular cruises among millennials with more than 4000 attendees from 88 countries participating last year alone. A 4D3N party experience like no other, the cruise takes participants from Singapore to Phuket, stopping in Phuket for a few hours before returning back to Singapore.

With luxury rooms, a myriad of entertainment options; a waterslide park, bowling alley, cinema, casino, Zouk at Sea; over 35 restaurants and bars, designer shopping outlets, and spas; there’s always something new to enjoy.

But what truly sets this cruise apart is its crazy nightlife — from themed pop-up parties, to DJ sets and marquee performances, the night stays wild until the sun rises.

Another cruise that targets a younger demographic would be Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas. From 10-storey water slides and laser tag to acrobatic shows and bars, this ship has so much to see and do, you’ll wish you had more days to finish exploring!

More bang for your buck

Before you get put off by the prices of a cruise trip, keep in mind you’re essentially paying for an all-inclusive holiday. When you factor in the costs for transport, accommodation, food and drinks, activities, and entertainment incurred when travelling, you’ll realise that a cruise is able to give you all of that at a lower or similar price point.

Considering the improved quality of products and services offered, the convenience of having everything you need under one roof, and the luxury of being able to enjoy the activities you love again and again, the price is definitely worth the experience.

Tip: To help you save a bit more, travel during off-peak periods where operators typically give larger discounts, or look out for packages targeting groups where the cost per person is usually lower than if you were to travel alone or with another person.

Opportunity to visit various locations in a short period

One of the key desires of millennials while travelling is to see and experience as much as possible. However, wanting to visit multiple areas or cities in a trip usually requires extensive planning, and comes with burdens like arranging multiple transfers, switching accommodations, and lugging heavy baggage around (just to name a few).

A cruise trip allows you to discover new destinations every time there is a port to call. You leave everything onboard, bringing only required essentials, enjoy an excursion that shows you everything the area has to offer or choose to go free-and-easy for a few hours, before heading back onboard on the ship to continue on your journey. This way you can enjoy new experiences without all the hassle!

Meeting like-minded individuals

Ever considered a solo trip abroad but too scared to actually go through with it? A cruise might be the best steeping point for you. With so many activities and places for interactions, a cruise is a great way for you to step out of your comfort zone to mingle and have fun with other travellers.

You’ll find that after the initial awkwardness, you’ll soon find yourself with a friend or even a group to tackle all the cruise has to offer together, and maybe at the end of the trip, you’ll find yourself some future travel buddies.

Gone are the days where cruises were more of a dread than an actual adventure. With great amenities, a plethora of activities and experiences for you and your friends to choose from, consider cruising the open seas for your next getaway!

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