How to Make Sure Your Smartphone Is Ready for Travel

You know the drill. Packing your bag and rushing to the money changer the night before your flight. But there’s one thing you’d probably miss out: preparing your trusty phone for a smooth travel.

Here, we list down five things to sort out in advance:

Get a WiFi Router or SIM Card

ICYMI: We’ve got new additions to our #ChangiWiFi destinations, which include travel hotspots like New Zealand, Sri Lanka and Egypt. Going offline for a digital detox seems promising, but you won’t want to be trapped while trying to get to a last-minute destination or late-night eating spots. Renting a WiFi router in advance of your trip is the easiest way to get your connection needs sorted. Plus, it connects multiple users at one go, which is perfect if you’re travelling in a group.

Pack a portable battery charger

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You are using your smartphone to do a ton of things, which is why you need back up. Pick out one that fills your battery faster than most others to save time. The market sells different types, but we’d recommend getting a slim one that easily fits into your travel bag. Pro tip: Bring at least two USB cables; one to charge your phone while the other’s to charge your portable battery charger in the hotel room.

Download travel apps and maps

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The best time to download your apps: at home with your WiFi. Do your research early and download apps that work for you. We’d recommend user-friendly tools like Google Maps (download area maps to use offline), Google Translate (a handy tool to understand main points of what the locals say) and Google Trips (travel recommendations for offline use) which are all helpful in helping you navigate through unfamiliar territories.

Set up security measures

It’s better to be safe than sorry, especially if you’re in a foreign land. Enable the lock screen if you have not, and enable passwords or turn off the auto sign-in function for security apps like banking.

Download songs on Spotify for offline use

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You boarded the plane. Took an earpiece. Cosied up in your seat. Fastened the seatbelt. Finally, the much-awaited alone time you need. But you’ve forgotten to download your albums beforehand to plug into your favourite tunes offline. Did you know: Listening to Spotify online has reportedly burnt a lot of data. Pro tip: Get the Spotify Premium plan which allows you to download music with WiFi so that you can listen to it without the internet.

How do you prepare your smartphone ahead of your trip?

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