Taiwan Is A Bubble Tea Heaven & These Are The Best 10 Brands To Try

Sure, Singaporeans are pretty crazy about bubble tea, but Taiwan is THE birthplace of bubble tea! In fact, the tradition dates back to the 80s when people were already enjoying milk teas with tapioca balls. For those heading to Taiwan, make sure you try these 10 Taiwan bubble tea brands. Don’t forget to tell us which you liked best!

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#1 Chun Shui Tang (春水堂)

One of the most popular bubble tea franchises in Taiwan, this is an absolute must-try! The brand started as early as the 80s, and claim to be the ones behind the whole pearl tea craze. You can buy a cup to go, but for dine-in, the cafe serves a full menu of Taiwanese food as well.

If you want a classic cuppa tea, try the Pearl Milk Tea or Signature Black Tea.

#2 50 Lan

If you went to Taiwan looking for your KOI fix, you probably won’t find one. Instead, look out for the bright yellow and blue 50 Lan signs. 50 Lan is the parent company of KOI, and serves five styles of bubble tea: Classic tea, jelly, milk tea, juice, and latte.

The brand is most popular for the Tapioca Milk Tea drink, so do try it!

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50嵐 for good vibes

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#3 TP Tea (茶湯會)

Rumour has it that this bubble tea chain is founded by ex-staff of Chun Shui Tang. Although a relatively young brand (founded in 2013), TP Tea has over 260 stores in Taiwan and has already expanded to China. Fans gush that the tea tastes better than its supposed “parents” but there’s really only one way to find out: Try it!

The Tie Guan Yin Latte is a Summer Bestseller.

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#4 Mr Wish

If you hate colouring and additives, Mr Wish is your go-to bubble tea. Apparently, they only use natural cane sugar, fresh fruits, and fresh milk and because of that, the brand recommends their teas be consumed within 2 hours.

What’s interesting is that this chain is so successful, they even have outlets in Malaysia and the U.S.

#5 Chen San Ding (陳三薡)

This store is located in Gongguan, where many youths like to hang out. They only have one outlet, and yet Chen San Ding is widely known (and accepted by the university crowd) as the “best bubble tea in Taiwan”. The store front is incredibly plain and simple, and the drinks are super affordable (under S$2).

The signature drink is called 青蛙撞奶, which means ‘frogs knocking on the milk’. There are no frogs in the drink–it’s named such because the specialty tapioca pearls resemble frog eggs.

#6 Oregin (圓石禪飲)

Oregin is more a modern tea maker than a bubble tea chain. But even though they don’t do pearls, their tea blends are still delicious and make for cool arm candy when you walk around the city.

The cool part is that the brand believes in saving the environment, which is why they use minimal additives and even have reusable bottles. We don’t know about you, but the bottles are super chic and we’d wanna cop a few to bring back!

#7 Presotea (鮮茶道)

Presotea takes pride in the quality teas they serve, which is why each cup is freshly prepared after you order. You won’t see the servers pouring from jugs of pre-made beverages from the fridge. Instead, the teas are made using a special expresso-like tea machine. The true sweetness and taste of the teas are brought out, and you can really taste the difference!

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好開心愈嚟愈多嚟自台灣嘅手搖店登陸香港❤呢間鮮茶道喺台灣都見到唔少分店😊試左呢個招牌嘅“熊貓珍珠鮮奶茶”($24)🐼黑珍珠係用黑糖煮,而白珍珠係用蜂蜜🍯珍珠就幾好咬口嘅,但奶茶就非常非常一般😂 鮮茶道 尖沙咀彌敦道100號The ONE LG1樓LG04號舖 #urfoodbuddies台式 #urfoodbuddies飲品 #urfoodbuddies九龍 #urfoodbuddies尖沙咀 #鮮茶道 #presotea #熊貓珍珠鮮奶茶 #台式飲品 #全糖 #hkdrinks #hkdrink #香港 #香港美食 #發現香港 #hongkongfood #hongkong #hkfoodie #hkfoodblogger #hkfoodporn #hkfoodies #hkfood #foodporn #hkig #hkiger #hkigfood #igfood #igfoodie #foodstagram #相機食先 #食好西

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Yet another player to use fancy expresso machines, COMEBUYTEA is very similar to Presotea.

The stores feature brown furnishings, which make their spaces slightly reminiscent of Starbucks. Recommended drinks include the Peach Oolong Tea and Orange Darjeeling Black Tea.

#9 Cha Cha Go (茶茶GO)

Located at the popular fashion district of Xi Men Ding, Cha Cha Go is the perfect stop if you need to take a break from all that shopping! It’s the most popular bubble tea store in the area, so there will most likely be a queue… but it’ll be worth the wait!

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Golden Pearl Milk Tea

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Try the Taiwan Honey Flavour Milk Tea for a local specialty drink. If you always drink your teh super gao, then try the Strong Black Tea with Milk.

#10 Gong Cha (貢茶)

Of course, you didn’t think we’d leave a Singaporean favourite out of the list did you?

Gong Cha originates in Taiwan, and has franchises all over the world with a total of almost 1,500 stores worldwide! The brand made a name for itself with its slightly salty Gong Cha Foam, a must-try. You may have had it in Singapore, but there’s nothing like tasting the original!

Have you tried any of these? Let us know which you like best!

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