18 Super Easy Green Travel Tips For Eco-Conscious Millennials

We won’t lie; travelling isn’t the most eco-friendly. But with these simple green travel practices, you can do your part in saving the Earth.

Green Travel Tips

green travel

1. Pick a direct flight.
Not only is it more comfortable for you, but it’s great for the environment too. Carbon emissions are the highest during take-off and landing!

2. Take train or bus.
If you hire a private car (or take the taxi), your carbon footprint is way higher.

3. If you can, walk there.
If it’s near enough, skip the bus and just walk there. It’s good exercise and your carbon footprint is not just lowerit’s ZERO!

4. Pick a green hotel.
Before choosing your bed for the night, do some research to see if the hotel is eco-friendly. Those that have sustainable water- and energy-conserving practices usually have some form or certification, and will say so on their website.

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5. Bring along a water bottle.
It’s a little more troublesome to keep refilling your bottle, but you won’t need to keep buying bottled water. That saves the earth (and money)!

6. Take showers, not baths.
Of course, 5-minute showers use a lot less water than hour-long sessions in the bath tub.

7. Turn the water off when you soap and shampoo.
You should do this at home too, and not just when you travel!

8. Wash your own clothes, or simply pack more.
Not only is it super expensive, but fancy hotel laundry services use a lot of water because they typically wash each guest’s load individually.

9. Reuse your hotel towels.
It’s common practice to hang your bath towels up if you don’t mind reusing them.

10. Leave your ‘do not disturb’ sign on.
This tells the hotel that you don’t need room service, saving on harsh cleaning agents and energy-consuming vacuuming.

11. Return maps and brochures to tourist centers after you’re done.
Don’t toss it out! Instead, head back and put it back on the rack.

12. Better yet, don’t take the maps!
If you can, download an e-map on your phone before setting off.

13. When hiking, bring a plastic bag and help pick up litter along the way.
You’ll probably need to bring a plastic bag to collect your own trash anyway, so why not help pick up those you see along the way too?

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14. Buy local products.
Imported goods mean a much larger carbon footprint, so we recommend supporting the local trade for your souvenirs and shopping!

15. Bring a reusable shopping tote.
Ditch the plastic bags, bring your own shopping bag. It’s probably more fashionable anyway.

16. Don’t take photos with performing animals.
Many of these animals are treated inhumanely and are forced to work for the tourist industry. Don’t support this unethical trade. (Examples include elephant rides, and wildlife photo opportunities.)

17. Use recycle bins when you buy street food and takeout.
Keep a plastic bag in your bag and keep your trash until you find a recycle bin.

18. Use rechargeable batteries.
If your device still uses loose batteries, opt for rechargeable ones instead. Disposable batteries are super toxic to the earth.

19. Use bio-degradable soaps.
In some countries, grey water is released back into the local waters, harming the ecosystem. Not only are natural soaps great for your skin, they’re gentler on the earth too.

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