Going to Japan? You Must Try This Super Tasty, No-MSG Beef Bowl For Just S$3.50

It’s no secret that Singaporeans are a bunch of hardcore foodiesin fact, we’re willing to bet that you probably already have a list of restaurants in mind for your upcoming Japan trip. But while you’re scouring the forums for the best gourmet experiences, your wallet is crying. If (like the most of us) you can’t afford to eat fancy every day, here’s a great recommendation for cheap yet ridiculously satisfying meals—Matsuya!


Introducing Matsuya, Japan’s Cheapest Gyudon Fast Food Chain

In Japan, even fast food is healthy. Instead of burgers and fries, there’s gyudon, which is the Japanese beef bowl (like the ones you find at Yoshinoya). In the case of Matsuya, the beef bowls are even MSG-, preservative-, and additive-free!

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Matsuya is one of the three largest gyudon chains in Japan, and is the most affordable. Although a huge fast food chainthey have over 1,000 stores in Japanthe humble furnishings and counter seats lend the store a nice, homely vibe.


The traditional beef bowl is their signature dish, they also sell curry rice and pork bowls at the same price point.

Orders and payments are made through an easy-to-use machine, which dispenses ‘tickets’ for your food. This means you won’t need to worry about getting lost in translation!


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The regular gyudon costs 290JPY (which is only S$3.50) and comes with a miso soup. Don’t let the plain storefront fool youthe stewed beef slices are tender and flavourful, and were super comforting (especially when we had it in winter). It comes in four sizes, Mini, Regular, Large, and Extra Large. The regular one is enough for the average person, but if you’ve a hearty appetite, you can get the biggest portion at 500JPY (S$6.20).

Have you had Matsuya before? Share with us in the comments below!

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