Science Says TRAVELLING Is The Best Supplement For Your Body & Soul

The next time your supervisor gives you the side-eye for taking a week off, show them this article. According to science, travelling is one of the best things you can do for yourself (and your companyscroll to end to find out why). Here are the top five health benefits of travelling.

Benefits of Travelling for your Mind & Body

benefits of travelling

#1 Lower Stress Levels

Let’s start with something simple: It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that travelling is the ultimate remedy for stress! Holidaymakers have reported feeling happier, more relaxed, and well-rested. Vacations take your mind of stressful events (like work and school), and give it time to rest and rejuvenate. This results in lower cortisol levels, which in turn keeps you calm and content.

Adding to that, these feel-good effects don’t just last while you’re halfway across the globe. They can last up to weeks, improving your general mental and physical well-being in the long run.

#2 Lower Risk of Heart Disease

On a related note, lower stress levels help to reduce your risk of heart disease. Stress is related to the release of many unhealthy hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. Adrenaline increases your heart rate and blood pressure, which could trigger an attack. So do your heart a favour, and go have fun!

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benefits of travelling

#3 Improved Immunity

If you know a friend who has “earned” a stomach of steel from always eating food from the table (3-second rule!), then you’ll be familiar with this one.

Studies show that exposure to dirt actually helps boost your immune system and makes you stronger. So in some way, when you get down and dirty on your overseas adventures, you’re actually toughening up your body. Eating local food (whether from restaurants or the roadside) usually introduces new bacteria to your system, helping you develop a resistance to them.

#4 Improved Brain Health

Experiencing new countries and cultures is a lot of “exercise” for your mind. And as you know, your brain is like a sword that gets sharper with every use. When you step out of your comfort zone, your mind is constantly learning and making sense of new information. This keeps your mind active and stimulated, which is healthy.

Not only do you increase your knowledge, you hone your social skills when interacting with people from different backgrounds. If you get lost of stuck somewhere, you also train your problem-solving skills.

benefits of travelling

#5 Healthier Bones

Now, this one probably surprised you, right?

If you weren’t out travelling, you’d most likely be at work (or school), sitting down in an air-conditioned room for over six hours a day. We can safely call that a pretty sedentary lifestyle!

Because most travellers want to make the most of their time overseas, they jam-pack their itineraries and aim to spend as much time out as possible. Being outdoors and soaking in the sun in great for your health—the vitamin D helps to mobilize calcium, strengthen your bones, and reduce bone density loss.

Improved Productivity at Work

Now, other than reduced stress for weeks after vacation, it turns out there are other long-term benefits of travelling. Studies have shown that with regular vacations to de-stress, workers actually show better productivity and creativity.

From the many reasons stated above, you can probably already tell that holidaying helps keep your mind not just happy, but healthy as well. Think of it as helping your mind to do a soft reset, clearing the cache of stress and other negative elements that are hindering you from performing your best at work!

So who’s ready to recharge your batteries and go for a vacation?

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