The 5 Most Children-Friendly Airlines (Just In Case That Crying Baby Is Yours…)

We’ve all had that nightmare flight: The one with wailing babies and pesky children who shake your seats and run around the aisles. Yet ironically, almost all of us will someday became the parents of these mischievous little ones.


Travelling with children can be intimidating, especially if you’re a new parent! We’ve heard of parents handing out “sorry” notes with ear plugs and candy, and while that’s a sweet gesture, why not try to ensure a smooth and enjoyable flight too? For your convenience, we’ve scoured the travel forumsreading through hundreds of complaints and complimentsto shortlist these five recommended carriers. Enjoy!

#1 Singapore Airlines (SIA)

Talk about local pride! It seems that local families thoroughly enjoy flying with our national airline. SIA has made a name for itself with its top-notch service and amenities, so you can be sure that the crew will do their best to ensure you and your little ones have a safe and comfortable flight.

For every infant seat, you can choose to book a bassinet too (limited quantity, first come first serve). Each flight will also have diapers, disposable bibs, feeding bottles and baby wipes for passengers.


#2 Emirates

This Middle Eastern airline is another great choice for families! Infant flyers will each receive a handy package of useful essentials like nappies, bibs,and wet wipes. If you’re seating your baby on your lap, you will also get a seat belt extension (under two years old only). If not, you may also book a baby bassinet.

Children meals are also available upon request, and the toilets come equipped with changing tables.

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#3 EVA Air

If your toddler has pre-flight jitters, an EVA Air cartoon flight is the perfect cure. If you don’t already know, EVA Air has Hello Kitty, Gudetama, and other special themed flights! It’s not just the exterior of the plane that gets a makeover; the interior is also decked in bright colours and cartoon furnishings.

For example, on the Hello Kitty flights there’ll be everything from kitty cushions to toilet paper. Children will receive goodie bags with colouring books, little toys, and more. The in-flight entertainment and games also include a section for the little ones to enjoy. For baby meals and other amenities, please request upon booking.

#4 Cathay Pacific

From baby to tween, Cathay Pacific is great for children of all ages!

For the infants, there’s baby food and amenities (like diapers, lotion, and more) available upon request on every flight. Like the other carriers, you can request for a baby bassinet, and use the foldable changing tables.

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If your “baby” is a little overgrown and won’t fit the bassinet (read: toddlers to tweens), the flight will be fun too! They will receive a fun pack of activity books and colouring stationary to keep them occupied throughout the flight. The kids meals are also great; they come served in colourful cutlery and have a good mix of meat and veggies for a nutritious meal.


#5 Etihad Airways

Another airlines from the UAE, Etihad Airways mostly flies to faraway destinations like London, Europe, and the Middle East. However, when it comes to making flying fun for kids, it’s one of the best!

As with the rest, bassinets and baby meals can be preordered and requested before the flight (24 hours). The real bonus is the in-flight activities for the toddlers and children! Etihad has special cabin crew members called the Flying Nannies, who are just that–nannies for the flight! They’ll be on hand with goody bags and games to entertain your children while you take a toilet break, or even catch a few winks of rest. From what we read, they even do things like magic tricks and face painting! Children over three years old will also get a fun pack.

Did your child enjoy flying with these airlines?
Tell us in the comments below!

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