What You Need To Know About The New Singapore Airlines Classes

“New year, new me”?

And in the case of our favourite airline, new fare classes!

sq airlines

Singapore airlines has announced that their new fare system will start with all bookings on and from 20 Jan 2018. Here are the new sub-classes each one is split into:

Economy: Lite, Standard, Flexi
Premium Economy: Standard, Flexi
Business: Lite, Standard, Flexi
First Class & Suites will have only one class.

The full details and information can be found on the official Singapore Airlines page, but here are the key changes to note:

sq airlines

#1 For Economy Lite, Advance Seat Selection is Chargeable

Currently, it is free for all classes to choose their seats before check-in. With the updated pricing system, however, a fee will be charged for Economy Lite. For all other classes (including Economy Standard and Flexi), it will remain complimentary. PPS Club members and some KrisFlyer Elite Gold and KrisFlyer Elite Silver members will also enjoy this service without having to fork out extra.

All classes will still be able to choose their seats at no charge during the 48-hour online check-in period.

#2 Upgraded Baggage Allowance For Economy Flexi

For Economy Lite and Standard, the maximum allowed weight will stay at 30kg, but for Flexi, it is increased to 35kg. Previously, 35kg was only for Premium Economy.

#3 Extra Legroom Seats

Previously known as Preferred Seats, these roomier options will continue to cost slightly more than the others in its class.

sq airlines

#4 Changes in Frequent Flyer Mileage Accrual Rates

Economy: 50% (Lite), 75% (Standard), and 100% (Flexi)
Premium Economy: 100% (Standard), and 125% (Flexi); previously 110%
Business: 125% (Lite, Standard), and 150% (Flexi)
First Class & Suites: 200%; previously 150%

#5 Credit Card Charges for Economy Lite…? Not Anymore!

Earlier this week (3 Jan), Singapore Airlines announced that they would be levying a 1.3% service fee for all Economy Lite bookings made via credit card. However, shortly after (just one day after the news), the carrier decided to scrap the idea. So the final verdict is…

Yay, no extra charges!

So there you have it: Not much has changed, but if you’re chocking up flyer miles, maybe you can afford to wait a little for the bump in accrual rates. If advance seat selection is important to you, then better book now!

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