Maximize Your Day With This Winter Sunrise-Sunset Cheat Sheet

Winter is more than just that season when you get to wear fluffy jackets and play in snow. It’s also the season with late sunrises, and early sunsets. This means shorter days and a lot less time to explore while on holiday!

Fun fact: The days are shorter in winter because Earth spins around a tilted axis! Image credit to Giphy.

To help you better plan your itinerary, here’s a cheat sheet with the December 2017 sunrise-sunset timings of your favourite destinations in Asia, U.K., and Europe.

sunrise sunset


Just because the sun can set pretty early in the Asian winters (as early as 4pm!), doesn’t mean the city goes to sleep! Popular destinations like Taiwan and Seoul are known for their hip night markets, clubs, and bars. So if you’re heading to these places, be sure to do your sightseeing in the day (when there’s natural light for photos), before partying in the PM.

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The culture can be tad laid back in the Western countries, and when night falls, many local shops and businesses (save for the mega malls and marts) retire for the day too. Food choices may be less than usual, so we recommend you shake things up and cook on some days! Simply swing by the grocery store on your way back to your hotel (or AirBnB) and prepare your own dinner. The local meats and produce are usually way cheaper than we’re used to in Singapore. After that, you can drink the night away at the nearby bars and pubs!

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