Here’s Why Hong Kong is Perfect for You, Your Parents & Your Kids

You’ve probably travelled with your parents, and you’ve probably travelled with your kids. But what happens when they all join you for one big holiday?

It’s one thing to travel with your best friends, and a completely different ballgame to travel with your entire family. It may sound scary; having to plan an itinerary that’ll suit your parents (who are looking to R&R) and your kids (who are game for the most thrilling roller coasters). But don’t let the thought of it daunt you, travelling as a three-generation family can be extremely rewarding, and we absolutely recommend it to everyone!

hong kong with kids

Even though you, your parents, and your children probably enjoy very different things, you should still try to travel as one big family at least once!

Where to go?
Hong Kong is the Perfect Destination for the Whole Family

With your parents and children in the same equation, planning activities for everyone will get tricky. But for starters, why don’t you consider Hong Kongthe beautiful country is great for all ages! Featuring family parks, food places, and more, there’s truly something for everyone to enjoy.

Here are some ideas for you to explore with your folks!

What to See:
#1 Nan Lian Garden (and Chi Lin Nunnery)

hong kong with kids

The spacious 3.5 ha Nan Lian Garden.

The traditional garden space features an impressive bonsai collection and clear ponds, among many others. It is immaculately maintained, and boasts a picture-perfect waterfall, bridge, and tea house. Nearby is Chi Lin Nunnery, a breathtakingly beautiful Buddhist monastery which makes for a perfect retreat away from the city. Watch the children clamber over the old bridges, while your sun-loving parents soak in the tranquil surroundings.

#2 Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens

hong kong with kids

The Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens is one of the longest-running parks in the country, and entry is free!

Find solace and quiet in the heart of the bustling central business district with this gem of a hideout. Apart from the usual botanical offerings in a park, don’t be surprised to find wildlife, such as orangutans, flamingos, turtles and the likes. The park is preserved to largely remain in its original state, so the nature lovers among you will definitely appreciate the educational themed gardens housing over a thousand different species. Food-wise, the kids could indulge in some ice cream while the adults, local offerings from the restaurants.

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#3 Sky100 Observatory 

hong kong with kids

The 360-degree indoor observation deck.

For a sweeping, unobstructed view of the city skyline, make your way to the tallest building (towering at 393 meters above sea level) in Hong Kong. The young ones will be kept entertained by the panoramic view, as you challenge them to spot iconic landmarks like the Victoria Harbour and Kow Loon. They can also try to augmented reality app to try “soaring” past these landmarks. The adults and elderly can kick back and relax, and enjoy a cuppa at the cafe there.

Where to Eat:
#1 One Dim Sum

Everyone loves dim sum, right?

One Dim Sum’s menu may look ho humthey offer the usual dishesbut the former one-star Michelin restaurant (2012) has our vote for being affordable and 100 percent worth the hype. The unassuming setting seats about 30 pax, and the dim sum is served piping hot and delicious. Take note though, with its limited space, you’d probably need to plan and book a seat to make it work for your large group.

#2 Zuma

For a more upscale setting (especially if you’re celebrating a special family occasion), the Japanese restaurant-cum-bar might be it. Offering a complete menu of local Jap cuisine, brunch options and more, it hits all the right notes with the cosy ambience and excellent service too.

Things to Do:
#1 Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car Ride

Popular cable car ride Ngong Ping 360 overlooking the stunning horizon.

Take a scenic cable car ride with the Ngong Ping 360 gondola (get your discounted tickets here!), which takes you up Lantau island to Ngong Ping Village. The view (especially from the crystal cabins, which have see-through floors) is spectacular: Think pristine blue waters, mountainous silhouettes and lush greenery. The 5.7km ride will take you about 25 minutes, and is slow-moving enough for elderly, yet exciting enough for the children.

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#2 Repulse Bay

hong kong with kids

Perfect for a family day out, Repulse Bay beach boasts a scenic backdrop relating to Hong Kong’s infamous reputation of being overcrowded.

Contrary to its seemingly negative name, the touristy public beach is anything but “repulsive”! Famous thanks to its feel-good vibes and wide range of beachfront facilities, Repulse Bay is a must-visit. The old folks probably want to get neither wet nor sandy, so lucky for them there’s a beach-side complex, The Pulse where the family can relax. After building sand castles and feeling the waters with their toes, the children and join them at The Pulse and have a meal at the family-friendly dining spots like Cafe Roma and Hotspots (they have a kids menu, high chairs and changing rooms).

#3 Ocean Park

A family trip to Hong Kong isn’t complete without a full-day visit to Ocean Park (read our exclusive travel hacks here), one of the most well loved theme parks in Hong Kong!

The Author’s Insider Story:

hong kong with kids

There are plenty of seats in the area to rest and recharge.

“In 2011, my family (comprising seven of us, including my grandmother) explored Hong Kong for the first time. We booked a 7D6N tour and of course, Ocean Park was one of the hits that my sister and I were looking forward to the most. First of all, the theme park is divided into two major areas: the Waterfront and the Summit. Even though the Summit is up a hill, my grandparents were able to go up easily thanks to the cable car and monorail. My Grandma got so excited watching us take the Hair Raiser roller coaster; I suppose she was living vicariously through us! We were also very thankful for the many resting points that dot the park so my folks could rest up while the more energetic ones went off to have fun. What more could we ask for?”

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