Nationwide JR Pass Cheat Sheet: Top Destinations & their Stations!

We previously gave you a crash course on all things Japan Rail (read: Finally, An Article To Explain Everything About The Japan Rail (JR) Pass), so now let’s proceed to the fun part: All the places the Japan Rail Pass can take you!

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We’ll start with the Nationwide pass, which is the most versatile and popular of all the pass options. With the Nationwide pass, you can take the shinkansen bullet trains to basically all the prefectures that the JR connects to. Here are our top five destinations and attractions, and their nearest JR stations.

#1 Tokyo Disney Resort (Disneyland and DisneySea)

Drop off at Maihama Station (Keiyo line)

It’s no surprise that Tokyo Disney Resort is first on our list; it is, after all, the Happiest Place in the World! To many, Japan’s Disney wonderland is even considered to be the best of all the Disney parks. Being the first Disneyland to be built outside of the U.S. (it opened in 1983), the Tokyo Disney Resort is one of the oldest theme parks in the franchise, and is the only one not partially or wholly owned by Disney.

#2 Universal Studios Japan

Drop off at Universal-city Station (Yumeisaka line)

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Next up: Yet another world famous theme park, Universal Studios Japan! With an estimated 8 million visitors annually, USJ is without a doubt one of the most well-loved theme parks of all time. It opened in Osaka in 2001, and in its debut year, attracted a whopping 11 million visitors, making it the first park to hit the 10 million milestone so quickly.

#3 Tokyo Tower & One-piece Tower

Drop off at Hamamatsucho Station (Yamanote line)

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Perhaps the most iconic building of Tokyo, the red-and-white Tokyo Tower sits at the heart of city. It’s modeled after the famous Eiffel Tower in France, but is 13m taller that the original, making it the world’s tallest self-supported steel structure.

Below the tower is where you’ll find the indoor theme park, One Piece Tower. Fans of the manga-anime will enjoy the many games, shows, and other attractions inspired by the series.

#4 Sanrio Puroland

Drop off at Shinjuku Station (Yamanote line), then change to Tama Center (Keio line, Tokyo Metro Pass required).

It’s been 43 years since Hello Kitty was born, and yet the mouthless cat is still taking the world by storm! She’s undoubtedly the most successful Japanese cartoon, especially among Singaporeans. As long as it’s Hello Kitty, it’s worth queuing for.

Puroland is the home of Hello Kitty and her friends, like Cinnamoroll, My Melody, Little Twin Stars, and more. Unlike the above-mentioned theme parks, the attractions here are less adrenaline-inducing, and more child-friendly. That said, it’s no less magical, and definitely worth a visit!

#5 Robot Restaurant

Drop off at Shinjuku Station (Yamanote line)

The ultimate epitome of the quintessential Shinjuku nightlife experience, the Robot Restaurant is less about the food, and mostly about outrageous costumes, neon lights, and eccentric live shows. The quirky “cafe” is almost nonsensical, but no doubt a one-of-a-kind experience. Note: There is no age restriction, but the surrounding district and show themes may be unsuitable for children.

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