Ocean Park: 9 Must-Read Travel Hacks

ocean park
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Part-theme park part-zoo, Ocean Park is really top destination for everyone visiting Hong Kong, from families with young children to groups of thrill-seeking buddies. The young ones will love the fascinating animal exhibits, as well as children-friendly rides like the Bumper Cars and more. The adrenaline junkies, on the other hand, can spend more time up The Summit, where the exciting roller coasters (like the Hair Raiser) are.

ocean park

The Hair Raiser sits atop a mountain, making it a very scenic ride—if you can keep your eyes open, that is!

If it’s your first time visiting the park, here are top tips for the best experience:

#1 Take the local subway, MTR.

Hong Kong’s South Island line was recently opened in Dec 2016, so now there is much more direct way to get to Ocean Park! Simply take the MTR and alight at Ocean Park Station. Not only is it more economical than a taxi, it also avoids the morning traffic congestion. To use the public transport system, you will need an Octopus Card (which you can use for selected convenience stores and restaurants too). Purchase a Preloaded Tourist Octopus Card here.

#2 If you’re driving, book a parking lot in advance.

If you’ve rented a car for your stay in Hong Kong, you can secure a parking space in the Ocean Park car park by booking one online. You can do so via the official Ocean Park website. You will need to pay a deposit of 50HKD ($9), and the parking fees are 150HKD ($26) and 250HKD ($43.50) on non-peak and peak days respectively.

ocean park

The zoo features many marine and land animals, including the adorable Red Panda.

#3 Buy your admission tickets online.

Now, we all know how scary theme park queues can get, so why not skip one—the ticketing queue! It’s also usually cheaper to purchase online as compared to at the entrance. At Changi Recommends, we have exclusive discounts, as well as family and group combo deals. Book your tickets at 30% off HERE.

#4 Reach before 10am.

The official opening hour is 10am, but on peak days, queues and crowds already start gathering at 9.45am. If you can, make sure to reach early so you can enter the park as soon as possible.

The tourist buses typically arrive after lunch, so the ride and attraction queues are much more manageable in the mornings.

#5 Skip the ride queues via the Ocean Park app.

The official Ocean Park app is now available for both Android and iOS, and if you want exclusive perks, be sure to download it! On the app, you can get access to vouchers, and the privilege of booking time slots for up to three attractions. This means you can save time queuing!

Current eligible rides: Grand Aquarium, Ferris Wheel, Raging River, Shark Mystique, South Pole Spectacular, The Dragon, The Rapids, Mine Train & Abyss


ocean park

The Ocean Park app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

#6 Wear comfortable, covered shoes.

This isn’t a rule per se, but several rides do not allow flip flops for safety. If you’re in slippers, you will be asked to remove them for the ride. If you don’t want to risk losing your shoes and to go through the hassle of going barefoot, just arrive in comfy, covered shoes—you’ll be doing a fair bit of walking anyway!

#7 Rent a Locker

The lockers are located near the entrance at The Waterfront, and is great for offloading your bulky items. Trust us, you won’t want to be carrying a heaving backpack while queuing in the sun! Prices start at 20 HKD ($3.50) per hour, and 100HKD ($17.50) per day.

#8 Pack a Raincoat

It rains quite a bit in Hong Kong, especially in Summer (May to Aug). So definitely bring a raincoat if you’re visiting in those months. If not, still bring it anyway—some rides (like the Raging River) may splash water onto riders.


ocean park

Thanks to the amazing views, the cable car queue is expected to be long, especially during peak hours. When planning your visit, do set aside enough time for it.

#9 Map your Visit—there are two levels!

The two levels are The Waterfront (the entrance area) and The Summit (up the mountain where the roller coasters are). To ensure you manage to cover the exhibits and rides you’re interested in, be sure to first have a look at the entire map, marking out those you want to visit first. To get up to The Summit, you will need to take either the Ocean Express Train or the Ocean Park Cable Car. We recommend the latter—the panoramic views are breathtaking!

ocean park

Bonus tip (for those travelling with children):

The park is quite spacious and child-friendly so you may bring along your stroller or pram. You should not have any trouble getting around as most of the child-friendly attractions are on The Waterfront level, which does not require the monorail or cable car!

Forgot your stroller? They’re available for rent too (at an additional fee).

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