Travel #Adulting: Must I Really Buy Travel Insurance?

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Perhaps it’s your first time planning a vacation. Or maybe you’re just not the sort to plan for a rainy day. Whichever the case, if you clicked to this article, it means that you are thinking of purchasing travel insurance—and we’re here to help.

Travel Insurance for Dummies
Stuff You Didn’t Realize Your Travel Insurance Covered

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We’ll be honest: There’s nothing very fun about travel insurance (or any other kind insurance, for that matter). It’s just one of those things grown-ups do after confirming their holiday. And now that you’re taking charge of the planning, you’re wondering…  Do I really need this?

We say YES!

With travel insurance, you’re not only buying an umbrella for a rainy day, but also peace of mind! There are a lot of risks involved when you travel, and if you read the details of your coverage plan carefully, you will realize that a lot of them are actually claimable.

Based on HyfeAssure Travel Insurance (the newest addition to our curated menu of travel products and services), we compiled a handy list of stuff you probably didn’t realize was covered.

#1 Cancellation, Curtailment, or Disruption of Trip

If for some reason your trip got cancelled, you need to return to Singapore earlier or later, and/or your travel plans are interrupted due to unforeseen circumstances

Possible scenarios:
  • Bad weather condition, or issuance of travel alert for your planned destination
  • Death or severe injury/sickness (you, your travel companion, or immediate family in Singapore)
  • Flight cancellation due to strike, industrial action, riot, or civil commotion
What you can claim:
  • The unused portion of prepaid tour fares, and/or transport and accommodation costs included in the journey
  • Additional travelling and accommodation expenses incurred (to extend your stay overseas)
Bonus tip: Most times, you will need to have purchased your insurance before any public announcements of bad weather and/or disruptive local events, so don’t procrastinate! It’s recommended to purchase your travel insurance immediately after you buy your flight tickets.

#2 Insolvency of Travel Agency

There have been many cases of travel agencies that spontaneously “close shop” without warning, leaving their customers in the lurch. Don’t be a victim to this—it’s claimable if you are covered by insurance!

Possible scenarios:
  • The agency you booked your tour with goes bankrupt and cannot continue to operate
What you can claim:
  • The travel deposits or travel fares already paid in advance

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#3 Flight overbooking

Ah… The buzzword of the travel scene, as made famous by a recent (and very high-profile) incident. This happens when the airline sells more tickets than the flight can accommodate, forecasting that a percentage of the customers will not show up.

Possible scenarios:
  • Denied from boarding due to overbooking, and no alternative transportation is offered within 6 consecutive hours
What you can claim:
  • $100 for each continuous 6-hour period, until the benefit limit

#4 Medical Fees

You probably know that you can claim hospitalization bills, but did you know: You can actually make claims for outpatient doctor visits if you fall sick while overseas too!

Possible scenarios:
  • You fall sick and go to see a doctor overseas
  • You fall sick and see a doctor within three days of returning to Singapore
What you can claim:
  • Medical expenses
Bonus tip: See below for documents required to make your claims! Also, do note that you cannot make claims for medicine purchased at a pharmacy—you must have visited a clinic and/or hospital.
best travel insurance

Traditionally, making insurance claims is a tedious process. But with HyfeAssure, you can claim up to $200 in cash on-the-spot, at Changi Airport.

Instant Claims with HyfeAssure

Did you know: The above-mentioned make up 77% of travel insurance claims! And with HyfeAssure conveniently located at Changi Recommends booths across all terminals in Changi Airport, you can receive instant cash from your claims (up to $200) the moment you touch down. This applies for medical expenses, travel delays, baggage delays, baggage damage and travel misconnections.

Now, you obviously can’t just waltz up to the counter and tell your insurance provider about your travel nightmare—you’ll need some documents for proof.  Here’s what you need.

Cheat Sheet – Important numbers to note!

*Based on HyfeAssure

  • You’ll be able to claim $100 for each continuous 6-hour period (up to $200) if …
    • Your checked-in baggage is lost in transit or misdirected by carrier at the overseas destination
    • Your flight is delayed in departure due to adverse weather conditions, natural disasters, mechanical breakdown or derangement, strike, riot, or civil commotion
    • You missed your travel connections at the transfer point due to the late arrival of your incoming connecting flight (due to adverse weather conditions, natural disasters, mechanical breakdown or derangement, strike, riot or civil commotion)
  • If you have claims, you’ll need to submit the claim form and the supporting documents (below) within 30 days upon returning to Singapore.
  • If you fall sick immediately after you come back from your trip, you’ll be able to claim for your medical expenses within 3 days after you come back.
  • If you lose your money or travel documents because of robbery, burglary or theft, you should report the loss to the local police within 24 hours after the loss / incident and obtain a written statement from the police to substantiate your claim.
best travel insurance

Be sure to note down what receipts, bills, and other documents you need to make your instant cash claims!

Supporting documents needed when making claim(s):

#1 Medical

  • Medical Report and Medical Certificate
  • Original Medical bills / receipts

#2 Baggage & Personal Effects

  • Baggage loss or damage report / Property irregularity report from the carrier / airline
  • Baggage tag(s) issued from the carrier / airline during check-in
  • Written confirmation of carrier / airline’s settlement / rejection of claim for damage / loss of property
  • Photographs of damaged items
  • Original purchase receipts of damaged/lost items

#3 Baggage Delay (at the scheduled overseas destination)

  • Baggage delay report
  • Baggage tag(s) issued from the carrier / airline during check-in
  • Written confirmation from carrier / airline on reason and duration of delay
  • Acknowledgement receipt of baggage received

#4 Travel Delay or Travel Misconnection or Overbooked Flight or Flight Diversion

  • Written confirmation from carrier or airline on reason and duration of delay, overbooked flight, travel misconnection, and/or diversion
  • Air ticket and Boarding pass

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is meant as a reference to guide travellers interested in purchasing travel insurance. It is by no means a binding agreement or contract. For more details and the full terms and conditions, please contact HyfeAssure for a quotation.

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