Ngong Ping Day Trip: 360deg Cable Car Views, Giant Buddha Idol & More

ngong ping 360
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Hong Kong is all about food, shopping, and culturethe same holds true for Ngong Ping, one of the top attractions in the country. Located on the western end of Lantau Island, Ngong Ping is home to Ngong Ping 360 (a 25-minute gondola lift ride), Tian Tan Buddha (the country’s largest bronze Buddha statue), and of course, Po Lin Monastery (known as ‘the Buddhist World in the South’).

Here’s a preview:

Interested? Here’s a one-day cultural day trip itineraryperfect for families!

10am – Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car (Tung Chung to Ngong Ping)

Depart from Tung Chung Station to kick-start your day with a scenic cable car ride up to Ngong Ping. Ngong Ping 360 is an aerial gondola ride that takes you across the Ngong Ping Plateau, letting you enjoy the surrounding blue seas and lush greenery. The ropeway is a generous 5.7km long, so you have 25 minutes to soak in the stunning views. For a truly panoramic bird’s eye view, opt for the crystal cabin ride—with see-through floors, you really will be treated to a 360-degree experience!

The ticketing area is split into several queues, namely for standard cabins, crystal cabins, walk-ins, and those with online reservations. As this ride is extremely popular, make sure you allocate enough time for queuing and logistics.

Tip: To lessen your wait time, go straight to the online reservation queue!
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1115am – Tian Tan Buddha

You will arrive at Ngong Ping Village, a tourist town showcasing the local culture and cuisine. It’ll be a little early for lunch, so why not head over to the Tian Tan Buddha first? (It’s a short 15-minute walk away.) Also sometimes known as the Big Buddha, the Tian Tan Buddha is a massive bronze statue of Buddha Shakyamuni. Seated atop a three-tier altar and standing at 112ft tall, the Tian Tan Buddha is surrounded by six smaller idols. Collectively, they are named “The Offering of the Six Devas”, symbolizing generosity, morality, patience, zeal, meditation, and wisdomall core teachings of the religion.

Note: If you want to climb up to see the idol, be prepared to walk up 268 steps!

1230pm – Po Lin Monastery

Right next to the impressive bronze Buddha is the Po Lin Monastery. Founded in 1906 by three monks from the Jiangsu Province, this ancient complex is one of great cultural and historical significance. Those who share the same faith can join in the prayer and offering sessions, while the others can simply marvel at the intricate architecture.

You should be getting hungry by now: We recommend you grab lunch at the monastery restaurant, which offers affordable and delicious vegetarian fare.

After that, wind down with some quiet time amidst the surrounding nature. Take a short stroll to the Wisdom Path, which is marked by 38 wooden columns.

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330pm – Tai O fishing village

Next stop: Tai O Fishing Village. Tai O is slightly further away, but you can take bus 21 from Ngong Ping Village to arrive at this charming fishing town.

Tai O is where the locals sell their fresh catches, and is a lot less commercialized (and crowded) than other parts of the island. Here, you can spend some time appreciating the rustic stilt houses and shopping for seafood goods. Popular local products include shrimp paste, salted fish, and more.

Note: You may also choose to grab dinner here, but do note that the return Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car ends its service at 6.30pm.

6pm – return to Tung Chung for Dinner & Outlet Shopping

If not, take the Ngong Ping 360 ropeway to get back to the city. Giving it a different mood and feel, the mountains and seascape are now set against the lovely evening sky.

From Tung Chung, you can go to the popular Citygate Outlet Mall! Carrying many international brands and labels, you will definitely have things to see and do for the rest of the night. There are also restaurants and cafes if you have not eaten. The mall closes at 10pm, so take your time to shop away!


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