@Multifolds in Hokkaido: Melvin Lau’s Tips for the Perfect Travel OOTD

Photography is a core part of every travel experience: From taking selfies in front of world-famous landmarks to catching the candid moments that you look back on and smile at, it’s a visual log of all the new places you explored and adventured into.

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Sharing with us his travel-photography experience is Melvin Lau: Full-time photographer and part-time globetrotter, he’s talented the man behind @multifolds and @miloatsale. The former has amassed 45.5k followers, and is where his work is uploaded. Lining the feed are square shots of couples smiling and celebrating against awe-inspiring backdrops, giving us all kinds of warm, fuzzy feelings. The latter (Melvin’s personal account) is where you can have a peek at what he gets up to all over the world.

Last month, ChangiWiFi accompanied Melvin as he went about visiting flower fields, hunting for delicious local food, and more. Check it out here:

#1 Your Hokkaido Trip looked AMAZING! What was it for?

I went there for my client’s pre-wedding photo shoot, going around scenic places in Hokkaido!

#2 So who chose the shooting venues?

It was a collaborative effort! We both had some ideas in mind: Mine was from research, and theirs based on memories from when they toured Hokkaido previously (before the shoot). When we came together to plan, we combined it and chose the best out of the many.

#3 Any pro photography tips for picking a good backdrop for social media photos?

Always try to go on unpopular timings such as in the early morning. It will be less crowded, and hence easier for you to take photos (be it landscape shots of OOTDs). Also, always try to wear colours that are in contrast with the background. For instance, if it’s a park filled with autumn leaves, avoid wearing yellow and orange!

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#4 The average traveller depends on their smartphone for photos. How do we make the best of that?

Well, for close-up selfies, you must ensure there is sufficient lighting as the front cameras have inferior camera sensors.

For full-length OOTD shots, always use the rule of two thirds for your composition. If you’re taking your own shot, you can invest in a smart watch that allows you to do a live preview of your phone camera on tripod, too. If you’re asking a stranger to help you, it’s better if you frame the shot first so they can just snap the photo. If not, most of the time the photo does not come out nice.

Lastly, if you’re taking landscapes and scenery, I recommend shooting during the “golden hours” that are sunrise and sunset. These will help you to achieve more natural and vivid shots. Also, feel free to experiment and find angles others have not tried before.

#5 You travel for shoots a lot. How did staying connected with ChangiWiFi come in handy?

For me, ChangiWiFi is useful for searching for weather predictions!

When I shoot, I need to know: Will it be sunny? Or will it be cloudy and raining? If it is a wet weather forecast, do I take the chance and time to travel all the way there? OR should I find another alternative?

Staying connected overseas also allows me to update my viewers who want to know where I ate, shot, and see my behind-the-scenes clips via Instagram stories!

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