ART OF TRAVEL: What’s Social Media Star Sophie Willocq’s Ultimate Travel Planning Hack?

That model-esque figure. Those baby-doll eyes. Oh, and her stylish chops.
You probably already know of social media star Sophie Willocq. With her stunning good looks and strong online presence, it’s no surprise that the 27-year-old has garnered a 79.7k-strong following at press time.

For the uninitiated, the former Singapore Airlines’ stewardess isn’t just a pretty face. From being the youngest contestant in The New Paper New Face 2005 (she was just 15 then) to bagging the winning title home, we sure can learn a thing or two from Sophie. Plus, her deft ability in styling for the Singapore weather (as seen on her Instagram #OOTDs) has gotten us all envious, too.

In this round of The Art of Travel (we interviewed local fashion stylist Martin Wong in the last), we roped in Sophie, also a travel junkie, to share with us some holiday planning tips.

sophie willocq

On the kind of traveller she is

“I like to have a rough day-by-day plan to ensure I have enough time to cover everythingbut within each day (itself), I don’t plan down to the hours! I’ve seen some itineraries that are basically an actual timetable and that kind of scares me.”

sophie willocq

Her favourite part of the trip-planning process

“Researching on how the places look like, on Google and Instagram, as this builds anticipation!”

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Her thoughts on having a budget

“I don’t think I’m a spendthrift traveller. I don’t spend a lot on fancy hotels or meals.”

sophie willocq

Top tips for a successful budget plan

“Google all options; (like the various ways) to get from the airport to hotel. (This includes) shuttle bus, train or taxi. You can also bring a fixed amount of cash per day based on your budget. Attractions, transport and rental (options) can often be booked online (prior to the trip), so remember to look out for cashback websites and credit card rebates.”

The one absolute must-know travel hack

“Consider the location from which you book online from! Your browser detects your location and the rates might vary depending on the country and currency you select on the website.”

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sophie willocq

Her dilemma between Korea and Japan

“They both offer very different things and I haven’t been to both in quite some time so this is a tough one! I personally feel there’s better shopping in Korea but food-wise, Japan would be better. If I really have to pick one, I lean towards Japan because of Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea.”

sophie willocq

On why she prefers packing an umbrella to a raincoat

“It’s easier to use. My bottom might get slightly wet, but my face and hair will stay dry!”

Her take on Airbnb accommodation

“(It not only) costs less, but the usually the private home owners are not particular about your check-in and check-out timings as hotels. To me, I feel that it’s better for early touchdowns and late departures!”

Fondest memory of staying connected

“I was sharing snippets of my trip on social media and realised my friend and I were in the same city! We met up and hung out (then).”

sophie willocq

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Images by Sophie Willocq.