All in a Backpack: 6 Lifesaver Travel Packing Hacks!

6 Life-saver Hacks for Packing your Travel Essentials

Going for a weekend trip? With these nifty travel hacks, you’ll be able to pack everything you need in just one backpack or carry-on baggage!

#1 Store important information in your phone.

Hard copy documents are bulky, and will get crumpled in your backpack anyway. Save space (and hassle) by snapping photos of your documents and saving them in your camera roll!

#2 Roll up your clothes, and hide socks in your shoes!

Folding takes up a lot of space, so instead, roll them upnot only is it more space-efficient, it also prevents unsightly fold-lines. For shoes, you can keep them in shape by stuffing your socks inside. Then, slip a disposable shower cap over the soles to prevent your other items from getting soiled.

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Tangled cables are a nightmare to loosen, and may even damage your electronics.

#3 Coil up those cables.

Loose cables will tangle with each other, and other items in your bag! Avoid this by tying them up, and stashing them in a clear pouch.

#4 Use travel-sized bottles (<100ml)!

If you’ve only got a backpack of space, you can’t possibly be carrying a full bottle of shampoo, right? Transport them into smaller bottlesfor hand-carry baggage, make sure the liquids do not exceed 100ml, and that they’re kept in a see-through ziplock.

travel essentials

Store your travel toiletries in a tight, clear ziplock bag so your other items will be safe in case of any accidental spills!

#5 Skip the umbrellapack a raincoat instead.

Umbrellas are bulky, and won’t really protect you from the rain. So in this case, you’ve all the more reason to bring a raincoat instead: It can be rolled up, and will shield you from head to toe.

#6 Bring along a wifi router, so you won’t need heavy travel guidebooks!

There are brochures and travel guidebooks everywhere, and while they’re useful, resist the urge to pick too many up! They may be light on their own, but it adds up. The solution? Pack a ChangiWiFi router and use your personal internet connection to download whatever information or resources you needtada!

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