We Put Hong Kong’s Most Popular Food to the Taste Test!

Hong Kong is known as not just a shopping paradise, but a heaven for foodies as well! There’s no lack of delicious dining options here, but nobody wants to waste time (and calories) on so-so food. We track down the most popular foods in Hong Kong, and put them to the taste test. Here’s where to eat in Hong Kong.

#1 Yung Kee Restaurant

Address: 32-40 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong
Tel: 2522 1624
Opening hours: Daily, 11am – 11.30pm.

where to eat in hong kong

Signature Flying Charcoal Goose

The Cantonese eatery was founded by Kam Shui-fai (1942) and made famous for once holding a Michelin star title (until 2011). However, the Kam family and their business hit the headlines for more than just their tasty meat dish: Since Kam Shui-fai’s passing in 2004, his sons have been tangled in a high-profile dispute over the restaurant. It seems that the latest verdict (2015) was that Yung Kee is to be liquidated, meaning an inevitable close to Hong Kong’s most well loved roast meat restaurant.

It’s been two years since the ruling, but the four-storey Yung Kee still stands at Wellington Street, just off the bustling Lan Kwai Fong district. We’ve heard no news about when its doors will shut, so we decided that it’s now or never. Boy, are we thankful we chose ‘now’.

Taste test: Although they lost their Michelin star in 2011, Yung Kee remains popular with locals and tourists, and serve over 300 geese per day. When we tried it, the Signature Flying Charcoal Roasted Goose was delightful: Each bite into the crispy skin made a satisfying crackle, revealing the delicious tender and tasty meat.

#2 Dim Dim Sum

Jordan: 21-23 Man Ying Street, Jordan, Kowloon (Tel: 2771 7766)
Mong Kok: 112 Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon (Tel: 2309 2300)
Wan Chai: 7 Tin Lok Lane, Wan Chai, HK (Tel: 2891 7677)
Shatin: Shop 108, 1/F, Citylink Plaza, Shatin (Tel: 2285 8149)

where to eat in hong kong

Har gao (prawn dumpling), a local favourite.

This popular chain has four outlets spread across Hong Kong (Jordan, Mong Kok, Wan Chai, and Shatin) and is often seen with a line of foodies outside the shops. Don’t be daunted by the queue though–service is fast and reasonably good, so your wait time should be no longer than 20 minutes.

Aside from the mouthwatering dim sum (more on that below), Dim Dim Sum is worth a trip for the authentic, local tea house ambience as well. For an eatery that’s often cited as a tourist trap, Dim Dim Sum serves a lot of locals. When we went, we were accompanied by many elderly couples who were happy to chat with us as they nibbled on savoury chicken feet.

Taste test: We’d come up with a “must-try” list, but everything we ordered was delicious. We will say this though: We especially loved the cheong fun (flour rolls) and flaky pastry buns! The steamed-to-order dishes arrived piping hot and were super comforting to guzzle down. The younger foodies also enjoy ordering their cuter menu items (like their cartoon buns)–they make for good Instagram content!

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#3 Australia Dairy Company

Address: 47 Parkes Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong (Jordan MTR exit 2)
Opening hours: Fri to Wed, 7.30am – 11pm. Closed on Thu.

where to eat in hong kong

The steamed almond egg pudding, best washed down with some fresh milk!

With its plain decor and a small shop space, this unassuming tea house is famous for several things: Their to-die-for scrambled eggs and pudding desserts, and… their less-than-ideal service. Most people know that the service culture in Hong Kong is curt; you’d be hard pressed to find smiley servers who’ll exchange pleasantries with you. It’s order, eat, and go. (And if you don’t order quick enough, it’s order, get scolded, then eat and go.)

Many patrons have taken to the internet to rant about the service, but even in all their complaints, one thing remains true: The food is amazing. And the service won’t stop them from revisiting the tea house! Australia Dairy Company’s food is no secret though, so do expect to queue and wait for a seat.

Taste test: Some say the scrambled eggs are the best in the world, and they’re not wrong. This signature dish is what brings the crowds to Australia Dairy Company: With just the right mix of butter, cream, and whatever other secret ingredients, the eggs are fluffy, tasty, and delicious. We also liked the steamed almond egg pudding, which was silky smooth and rich in flavour.

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#4 Mak’s Noodles

Address: 77 Wellington Street, Central
* There are several outlets across Hong Kong, but the Wellington Street one is the flagship and most popular one.
Tel: 2854 3810

Opening hours: Daily, 11am – 9pm.

where to eat in hong kong

Mak’s famous wonton noodles–the portion is relatively small, so big eaters may need to order more.

Ah… Mak’s Noodles.
You’ve probably heard of it, and maybe even tried the recently opened outlets in Singapore. If you liked the ones here, you must try the original!

And Mak’s Noodles is as “original” as authentic wonton noodles get: The establishment was founded by Mak Woon Chi, the “wonton master” who opened the first store in Guangzhou. His son, Mak King-hung, then brought the dish to Hong Kong (Wellington Street). It goes way back, with Mak even serving the wonton noodles to former president of China, Chiang Kai-shek. Too old-fashioned an example? No sweat–American celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain too has graced Mak’s Noodles.

Taste test: A heads up: The wonton in Hong Kong are unlike the local ones, where you find minced meat, prawns, and vegetables wrapped in skin. The Cantonese wonton consist of just prawns and wonton skin. We’ve tried both the local and Hong Kong Mak’s Noodles, and while the former is delicious, the latter wins hands-down. The pork and prawn-based soup is rich in flavour, the noodles springy and smooth, and the wontons just plain delicious, sliding down our throats like a slice of heaven. We definitely recommend this!

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