Komodo Island: The Modern Jurassic Park

One of the new seven world wonders and home to the largest living lizard (the Komodo Dragon), the Komodo National Park is a must-visit destination for wildlife and nature enthusiasts. Plus, it’s only 4 hours away from Singapore!

Getting There

Singapore, Changi airport Bali, Denpasar airport (2h 40m)
Bali, Denpasar airport → Labuan Bajo airport, West Flores (1h 20m)

If you depart in the morning, you wouldn’t have enough time to start a tour to the islands, which would be a full-day affair. Instead, go cafe-hopping and check out the night markets in Labuan Bajo!

komodo national park

The Komodo National Park is a UNESCO site that is widely visited by tourists from all over the world!

To explore the Komodo National Park, you will need to follow a tour guide. So take this time to “shop” for one that best suits your needs. You shouldn’t have a problem finding a day tour: The islands are the main tourist highlight there, so you’ll see booths and advertisements all over the village.


Once you’ve recharged, wake up bright and early and get ready for the Komodo National Park (it’s a two-hour boat ride away). Consisting of three larger islands Komodo, Padar and Rinca, Komodo National Park is home to the ferocious Komodo Dragons and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But you probably already knew that: These massive lizards are the reason why you decided to visit this Indonesian island, right?

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Here are some tips when exploring Komodo National Park:

komodo national park

Did you know? Komodo Dragons are cannibals, meaning that they eat their own kind! 10% of their diet is actually made up of young lizards.

#1 To See Komodo Dragons, head to… Komodo Island or Rinca Island?

Komodo Island is the more well known and larger home to the lizards, but Rinca Island supposedly has more dragons. Most people get to see the magnificent beasts on Komodo, but if you really (knock on wood) don’t, you can try your luck in Rinca.

#2 Keep Your Distance. (Especially when the Komodo Dragons are Eating.)

You’ve probably heard the news about the Singaporean man who got injured after he approached a Komodo Dragon earlier this year. Growing over three metres long and weighing up to 70kg, these reptiles are definitely not to be messed with. ALWAYS stay within the distance as suggested by your guide, and follow all precautions.

PS. The nearest hospital is in Bali (a 1h 20m flight away) so really don’t get bitten!

#3 An Awesome Diving Spot, but also Dangerous!

The waters surrounding these islands are world-famous for being superb diving spots. But they’re also known to be fairly dangerous, especially for the inexperienced diver. Most experts recommend divers accrue more experience before attempting dives in Komodo.

komodo national park

The fruit bats are also known as flying foxes!

#4 You can see bats, too.

Pulau Kalong, which means “bat island” in the native tongue, is a hill that’s surrounded by a lush rainforest. It got its name from the fruit bat population, which you can see every sunset. In the evening, the bats fly off the Rinca for “dinner”.

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#5 Take your Time.

Many tours pack all three islands, plus diving (or snorkelling), into one hectic day, but we don’t recommend that. While it may be possible to cover that many attractions in 12 hours, it will be extremely tiring and rushed. Most spots require a significant amount of trekking, and will take an hour or two to reach by foot.

#6 Comfortable Shoes & Clothing, Please!

That brings us to our next point: Make sure you’re appropriately geared up for adventure! Comfortable hiking shoes are strongly recommended. It’s also incredibly warm and dry in the “Galapagos of the East” so cotton (or any other light, breathable material) would be best.

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