“Digital Nomad” Holiday in Thailand: A Two-Week Itinerary

Digital nomads are tech-savvy millennials who work remotely wherever they live or travel, often using co-working spaces and offices, cafes, and house-sitting agreements in major cities around the world.

digital nomads

TL;DR? Put simply, they’re people who enjoy working anywhere and everywhere they can.

Unsurprisingly, huge multinational corporations – from the likes of Google, Facebook and Airbnb – are embracing this new generation of workaholics, steering away from cookie-cutter layouts in offices, shifting instead to open (working) concepts. That said, most local bosses still require employees to work from a stipulated space, like a designated office, cafe, or something similar.

So here’s the deal: If you’re craving a break from the mundane daily grind, but can’t entirely shelve your deadlines and projects–keep reading.

Two Weeks in Thailand: Time for work & play

First things first, you can’t possibly get anything done without internet access. Either book accommodation with reliable and stable internet provided, or simply get a portable wifi router. The latter is recommended, as there are all sorts of dangers when it comes to using free, public wifi. For fast and secure connection, ChangiWiFi offers unlimited 4G high speed internet at as low at $5 a day; find out more here.

As much as it’s tempting to unfold that laptop and get cracking the moment you touch down, don’t. Settle yourself in, and get some rest at your hotel. In the evening, go on a therapeutic sunset bike tour that carries you through the traditional Thonburi (you know it as the former capital across the iconic Chao Phraya River), along the riverside Klong San night market, and then to the splendid Wat Arun aka Temple of Dawn (complete with a local dinner), before concluding the scenic ride at another temple highlight Wat Pho. Book the Changi Recommends Bangkok Sunset Bike Ride Tour here.

digital nomads

The Wat Arun,Temple of Dawn.

If you’ve got deadlines to meet and work to clear, there are plenty of rustic, “designer” cafes to hole up in during the week. For some ideas, check out We’re Obsessed With These Instagram-Worthy Cafes In Bangkok. On one of the nights, kick back and participate in some local festivity: Witness an award-winning Muay Thai boxing show at the luxe shopping spot Asiatique The Riverfront. Get tickets to Muay Thai Live: The Legend Lives here.

digital nomads

A vegetable and fruit vendor on the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market.

On the weekend morning, rise early and head to the all-famous Damnoen Saduak Floating Market to have authentic boat noodles, score vintage finds, and snap photos against the 32-metre canal filled with boats (splashed with brightly coloured fruits and vegetables). You can’t possibly leave Bangkok without experiencing Bangkok’s casual charm, replete with sacred grounds and majestic palaces, right? Slot in a cultural visit to the painstakingly reconstructed Bang Pa-In Royal Palace and ancient capital Ayutthaya. Book the Bangkok Day Tour: Damnoen Saduak Floating Market and River Kwai & Ayutthaya & Bang-pa-in Palace Tour By Coach With Lunch here.

digital nomads

The stunning white-and-gold Bang Pa-in Royal Palace.

Kick-start your second week with an hour-long car ride to Pattaya, a fishing village turned resort city. If you feel your body starting to tire out after those long days of having your eyes glued to the computer screen, treat yourself to a pampering spa session at the tranquil Oasis Spa (book here). Unlike Bangkok, Pattaya’s main draw lies in the lively beaches and vibrant nightlife scene.

digital nomads

The pristine white sand and vivid blue waters of Ko Larn, the Coral Island.

Salty breeze in your hair, and soft sand slipping between your toes… How does working remotely on a coastal town sound? It’s almost time to go back, but before you bid Thailand goodbye, spend a couple of days at the nearby island Koh Larn. Escape the city life at “Coral Island” with the Coral Island Day Tour (from Pattaya) here.


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