Top Girlfriend Holiday Ideas: Makeup, Night Markets, and All Things Girly

Bond with your gal pals over hipster coffees, cosmetic shopping, and bargain-hunting! Here are some ideas for your next girlfriend getaway.

#1 KoreaSwoon over Kpop stars and stock up on K-beauty products!

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MBC World.

The only ones who can truly understand your obsession with all things Korean are your BFFs. Gather your girl squad and conquer the top Hallyu destinations all over Seoul! You choose to visit popular K-drama film sites (Nami Island, Petite France, Lotte World, and more) or go for Hallyu-specific attractions like MBC World and MBC Show Champion. But before that, make sure you replenish your stash of Korean makeup and skincare products! They’re up to 30 percent cheaper in Korea, and that’s not even factoring in the tax rebate. There are some brands that you can’t yet get in Singapore, including Hera and PONY.

#2 BangkokBargain to your heart’s content!

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JJ Green Market in Bangkok.

The budget shopping and street food scene in Bangkok needs no introduction! Without the boys, you can go ahead and let loose: Go for Thai massages, feast on authentic Tom Yum soup, and buy as many “no-brand” clothes as you can fit into your luggage! (Read also: See The Hottest Night Markets In Bangkok and We’re Obsessed With These Instagram-Worthy Cafes In Bangkok)

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#3 Thailand IslandsGet your bikinis out, it’s time for a beach holiday!

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If hustling for bargain buys and takeaway food is not your thing, opt for the islands of Thailand instead. A relaxing beach vacay is the perfect opportunity for you girls soak up the sun and transform into bronzed goddesses for Instagram! Our recommendations: Phuket, Koh Samui, and Krabi. (Read also: We Head To Sunny Krabi & Instagram It All, Here’s Why Koh Samui In Thailand Makes For A Zen Getaway, Best 4 Things To Do In Phuket, Thailand.)

#4 Taiwan—The perfect balance of night markets and culture!

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Taipei 101.

Want to go gaga eating and shopping? Head to the buzzy night spots like Shilin, Raohe, and Feng Chia night markets. Want a cultural experience? Plan a day trip to Jiufen or Shifen, where you can pen your wishes on a paper sky lantern, and release it into the sky! Want to catch natural scenery? Rise early and do a sunrise climb up Hehuanshan or visit the breathtaking Taroko Gorge in Hualien County! (Read also: The Best Taiwanese Food Souvenirs To Bag Home, This Animal Resort Theme Park Is Taiwan’s Answer To Disneyland, Scenic Spots In Taiwan To Capture Your Wedding Photos)

#5 Japan—A wonderland of everything cute and quirky!



Who better to waltz down Harajuku in outrageous outfits with than your BFFs? If your girl gang is made up of Otakus, even better: You must visit Akihabara, a district widely known as the Otaku cultural center! Also, make sure you make a stop at the iconic theme parks Tokyo Disneyland, Sanrio Puroland, and Universal Studios Japanthe boys won’t be there to stop you from splurging on all those cute (but useless) official merchandise!


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