THE BUCKET LIST: 12 Heart-stopping Activities That Every Grad Trip Must Have

extreme sports

Congratulationsyou survived school!

Mark the milestone with these #YOLO extreme sports and activities all around the world.

extreme sports

#1 Bungee Jump Off Kawarau Bridge, Queenstown, New Zealand

If you’ve never bungee jumped before, the best place for your first time is the Kawarau Suspension Bridge in New Zealand! The bridge goes over the magnificent Kawarau river and gorge, and is the first ever site to have commercialized bungee jumping services. 27 years later, this spot remains a hot favourite for the sport. You may tandem bungee with your BFF too. For the full experience, make sure you request for a little dip into the icy waters before your cord bounces you back up! It is a 43m high jump, and is located on State Highway 6 at the gateway to Queenstown.

#2 Skydive: Leap Off A Plane

It’ll take some real guts of steel to jump off the airplane, but we promise youit’ll be worth it! Get your heart racing with the freefall, before busting open your parachute to slow down and enjoy the breathtaking view. The best part is that you can skydive all over the globe, and each time, be treated to different scenery. Popular spots include: Mount Everest (Nepal), Grand Canyon (USA), Queenstown (New Zealand), and Cairns (Australia).

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#3 Hang gliding & Paragliding: Run Off A Mountain

If the freefall is too scary for you, try hang gliding or paragliding first. The “take off” is so gentle that you shouldn’t feel any G-force at all. Sprinting off the edge of a mountain sounds terrifying, but try it once and you’d agree that it’s a lot less scary than it looks! In fact, simply gliding with the winds is pretty relaxing! Top spots are Interlaken (Switzerland), Castelluccio (Umbria, Italy), Queenstown (New Zealand), Danyang (South Korea), and Julian Alps (Slovenia).

extreme sports

#4 Go Face to Face With Killer Crocodiles in Darwin

Is Steve Irwin your childhood idol? If yes, perhaps being inches away from the deadliest crocodiles may excite you! Darwin’s crocodile park, Crocosaurus Cove, offers a “Cage of Death” experience, which lets you enter a clear round cage, descend into the saltwater reptile’s underwater enclosure, and have a 360-degree encounter with crocodiles over 5m long.

extreme sports

#5 Ride The World’s Steepest Roller Coaster in Japan

Theme park junkies will love this one: A long queue is expected, but it adds to the excitement of taking the Takabishathe world’s steepest ride! Located in Fuji-Q Highland, the 1,000m high ride features all the best turns and loops, and a ridiculous beyond-vertical 121-degree drop!

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#6 Have Your Very Own “Up” Moment

The hot air balloon ride proves that it doesn’t have to scare you to be an experience of a lifetime. While it’ll take you to high altitudes, it is a very gradual and enjoyable ride. You’ll hop into a secure basket, and slowly float up into the sky. Soak in the beautiful views of the lands and waters you will hover over. You can do it at these places: Cappadocia (Turkey), Serengeti National Park (Tanzania), Napa Valley (California), and Queenstown (New Zealand).

extreme sports

#7 Play Eskimo and Go Ice Swimming in Finland

Do you know how cartoon eskimos often carve holes in the icy floors and just dive in? In Finland, you can do exactly that. We’re not going to lie: This is not for the fainthearted. It’s literally freezing in there, and the subzero waters will shock your body and leave your limbs numb. But brave the plunge and you’d realize that the reason why many Finns enjoy this is because the feeling you get when you emerge is unbeatable!

#8 Zip Down The World’s Highest Zip Line Ride in South Africa

Zip2000’s slide is the king of zip lines. You can go fast (up to 160km/h), far (2km), and enjoy the beautiful surrounding greenery of South Africa! “Flyers” will be secured in a harness (in a horizontal position), which is attached to a trolley and the zipline.

extreme sports

#9 Go Snorkelling At All The Most Scenic Spots

Diving requires a licence, but snorkelling does not! Although usually for swimmers, snorkelling is also an option for non-swimmers with sufficient water confidence. Channel your inner mermaid (and mermen), and explore the underwater mysteries of the world! The best snorkelling sites include the Maldives, Komodo Island (Indonesia), The Big Island (Hawaii), Palawan (Phillippines), and of course, the Great Barrier Reef (Australia).

#10 “Swim” in the Dead Sea in Isreal

We say “swim” not because we doubt your swimming abilities, but because it is actually physically impossible to swim in the dead sea! Due to the high concentration of salt, you can only float on your back. Take our word for itattempting to swim face-down is very dangerous and can result in drowning. Don’t take your chances! Just flop over on your back and float!

extreme sports

#11 Fly A Fighter Jet… WITHOUT a Licence!

How? With MigFluga Swiss company which has all the necessary permissions to arrange training and demonstration flights in fighter jets. Anyone and everyone is allowed on this activity, but you will be accompanied by a trained pilot. You’ll get to be a fighter pilot for a day, experiencing exciting manoeuvres like loops, rolls, immelman turns and split-s! MigFlug operates all over the world, flying over Europe, Asia, and US.


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