You Can Now “Book” the Wilderness of Sweden on Airbnb!

In bid to promote the country’s belief in “allemansratten” (which means “freedom to roam”), Visit Sweden has partnered Airbnb to come up with a brilliant idea: They’ve listed the most beautiful parts of their natural landscape on the accommodation rental website!


The Swedish laws allow the public to camp and explore any public area, as long as you do not intrude onto any nearby private lands, or disrupt the surrounding flora and fauna.

Before this campaign, most of us never knew that we could pitch a tent in the middle of the Nordic nowhere and not get sent to jail for it. (Just for your information, random camping is illegal in Singapore—you may only do so at any of the five legal areas as designated by N Parks.) So we’ll say that their marketing efforts have definitely paid off.

Visit Sweden even wrote a biography for the country, explaining why they came up with this initiative:


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The listings vary from forests, lakesides, and meadows, all of which are free for everyone and anyone to enjoy. You can hike through the wilderness, pick berries and other fruits, and even take a dip on the waters. The only rule? You are not allowed on private gardens and cultivated lands. Visit Sweden also emphasizes that while everyone is welcome to wander in their lands, all visitors should respect the nature and leave nothing but their footsteps behind.

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We also appreciated their tongue-in-cheek humour:


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“Wild pets”, “infinity pools”, and “anywhere” bathrooms? Say no more, we’re sold.

So what are you waiting for? The flight there may cost you and arm and a leg, but at least you know you can save on a few days’ accommodation, right?


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