We Think Ed Sheeran Suffers From Severe Wanderlust!

It’s hard not to think so: In his latest album Divide (%), the English pop sensation has written songs about not just his hometown, but top spots all over the world as well! He’s romanticized a majestic English castle, crooned about a quirky Irish lass, and even gushed about Spanish city Barcelona. Here are 3 Ed Sheeran songs about travel-worthy places all over the world.

#1 Castle on the Hill “A love song about Suffolk”

ed sheeran songs

Photo credit: Justin_Smith via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

Let’s start with the most touching number. Castle on the Hill was reportedly written out of nostalgia, based on Sheeran’s hometown, Suffolk. Situated on the east coast of England, Suffolk is a countryside famed for its well preserved natural scenery. Think stunning coastlines and endless fields of lush greenery, coupled with rustic medieval structures. As he recounts his childhood days, Sheeran sings of the “sweet perfume of the mountain grass” and the breathtaking “sunset over the castle on the hill”.

If you’re curious, the castle in question is none other than the magnificent 12th Century Framlingham Castle.

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#2 Barcelona — “I love Barcelona”

ed sheeran songs

The Sagrada Familia is the most visited attraction in Spain!

Barcelona is known for its vibrant, colourful, and passionate culture, and that’s exactly what Sheeran sings of in this song. In the lyrics, he makes references to many of the things Spain is famous for: Las Rambla, Sagrada Familia, Sangria, and more. It seems that the English sing-songwriter fell in love with Barcelona, and decided to devote a song to it. Additionally, Barcelona was originally meant to be the first single of the album, but eventually “lost” to Castle on the Hill.

As the icing on the cake, this song hears Sheeran rapping in Spanish!

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#3 Galway Girl — About An (Imaginary) Party Girl

ed sheeran songs

Although very popular, Ed Sheeran’s Galway Girl is not the first of its kind. American singer Steve Earle released a song of the same name in 2000, also about a romantic encounter.

In perhaps one of the most catchy songs of his latest album, a seemingly in-love Sheeran croons about a sassy girl from Galway who mixes liquor like a boss and beats the dudes at darts and pool. Although not explicitly about the Irish city, this pop song has certainly put Galway on the global map. Located on the west of Ireland, the city is known for its buzzing night life, with Eyre Square and its many bars as the hippest parts of town.

So who’s this mysterious Irish girl who Sheeran is gushing about? Her name is Niamh Dunne, a band member of Irish band Boega. However, Sheeran has revealed that the song is only very loosely based on her: While she does “play the fiddle in an Irish band”, she never “fell in love with an English man” and is not even from Galway! She’s happily married to a fellow band mate, and hails from Limerick.

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