5 Castles in Germany to Live your Disney Princess Dreams

Here are five beautiful, must-visit castles in Germany:

#1 Neuschwanstein Castle


If you found the castle familiar, it may be because the Neuschwanstein Castle was also the inspiration for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty castle and the castle in movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Neuschwanstein Castle in Southern Bavaria is one of the greatest castles in Europe and embodies the true spirit of a medieval German castle. Besides its majestic architecture, Neuschwanstein Castle is also well known for the tragic story of its owner “mad” King Ludwig II. The monarch had a troubled personality after Bavaria suffered a crushing military defeat, which caused him to lose sovereignty in his own kingdom. He then immersed himself in his obsession with building fairy tale castles.

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#2 Hohenzollern Castle


Attracting over 300,000 tourists annually, the Hohenzollern Castle is one of the most popular castles in Germany and Europe!

The idyllic Hohenzollern Castle sits at the top of Mount Hohenzollern, 855 metres above sea level. At times, it is shrouded in a dense fog which gives an illusion of a floating castle, explaining its local moniker of “The Castle in the Clouds”. Fortified with a multitude of towers and turrets, this castle looks straight out of a story book.

#3 Linderhof Castle


This is smallest of King Ludwig II’s three castles, and is the only one he saw into its completion.

Another one of King Ludwig II’s castles, the Linderhof Castle was built in French rococo-style and is surrounded by impeccably manicured greenery. With its exquisite baroque partitions and water terraces, the gardens surrounding the palace are considered one of the most beautiful in the world. Unlike other lavish castles that can home hundreds, the Linderhof Castle has an exclusive atmosphere with only four rooms.

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 #4 Burg Eltz


The Burg Eltz Castle and its stunning architecture remain unscathed and true to what it was when it was originally built 850 years ago.

Nestled in the hills above the Moselle River is the most complete and best preserved medieval castle—Burg Eltz. The Eltz Castle stands out for its striking cluster of towers that are capped with Gothic turrets. Even till this date, 33 generations later, the castle is owned and occupied by the Eltz family.

#5 Lichtenstein Castle


Although smaller and not as well-known as the rest of the other castles, the Lichtenstein Castle is one the most impressive structures in Germany.

Sitting high up on a steep cliff in the beautiful Swabian Alps that overlooks the Echaz valley is the Lichtenstein Castle. The German word “Lichtenstein” refers to the ‘light-coloured stone’ on which the castle was built on.

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