10 World-Famous Attractions To Visit With The iVenture Card

There are some cliche travel destinations that you just have to indulge in, and most of the time, they don’t come cheap. But we’ll let you in on a secret to save up to 50 percent off the entrance fees:

The iVenture Multi/Unlimited Attractions Travel Card!

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Save even more when you purchase your iVenture travel card from Changi Recommends.

Here’s how it works: The iVenture card entitles you free entry (and/or other privileges) into either 3, 5, 7, or unlimited attractions. This means you basically buy the pass instead of attractions tickets and/or day tours, and accumulate huge savings. Many of the eligible attractions even come with a “skip the queue” privilege so you can save time too! Not sure how to calculate your savings?

Here’s an example:
Dreamworks Tours Shreks Adventure $50 + Thamesjet Rush Boat Ride $63 + The Medieval Banquet London 4-Course Meal with Entertainment $90 = $203

iVenture London 3-Attractions Pass = S$120 = Save 40%!!!

Plus, the hundreds of eligible attractions are specially curated and include some of the hottest-selling tourist hot spots. To prove it to you, we single out the top must-visit places for each destination country Melbourne, London, Barcelona, Madrid, Dubai, Sydney, Gold Coast, San Francisco, and Hong Kong.
NOTE: Other than the multi-city cards, all iVenture cards are valid for one country/city only.

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At Phillip Island, you can also catch the largest colony of fur seals as they soak up the sun on The Nobbies.

#1 Phillip Island Nature Park in Melbourne, Australia

iVenture Card Options: Melbourne Flexi Attractions Pass, Melbourne Unlimited Attractions Pass, Australia Multi-city Attractions Pass

What’s a holiday to Melbourne without some wildlife? Phillip Island is home to koalas, seals, wallabies, and of course, the famous penguins. Catch the Penguin Parade, which features the adorable flightless birds waddling back to their homes at sunset.

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This iconic wheel has many names: It’s known as the Millennium Wheel, British Airways London Eye, Merlin Entertainments London Eye, EDF Energy London Eye and, of course, the Coca-Cola London Eye.

#2 Coca Cola London Eye in UK

iVenture Card Options: London Attractions Pass

Every trip to London must include a visit to the iconic London Eye! Standing at 135m, the ferris wheel was the tallest of its kind when it debuted in 1999. It remains the highest cantilevered observation wheel, and is perfect for a bird’s eye view of the stunning cityscape.

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Although it is unfinished, the Sagrada Familia is the most visited site in Spain and attracts some 2,000,000 visitors a year!

#3 Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain

iVenture Card Options: Barcelona Attractions Pass

You must have seen photos of this Roman Catholic church in Barcelona! The iconic Sagrada Familia is designed by Antoni Gaudi, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Countries available: Melbourne (Flexi / Unlimited), London, Barcelona, Madrid, Dubai, Sydney (Flexi / Unlimited), Gold Coast, San Francisco, Hong Kong, and Australia Multi-city. * Travel by July 2017.

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Toledo owes much of its olden European charm to its cobbled and winding roads.

#4 Toledo in Madrid, Spain

iVenture Card Options: Madrid Attractions Pass

Yet another UNESCO World Heritage Site in Spain, Toledo overlooks the Tagus River and was once the capital of the Spanish empire (until mid 1500s). We recommend a day tour to visit the rustic streets of this city, and the Alcazar cathedral.

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Aquaventure Atlantis is located in the luxurious resort of Atlantis The Palm, Dubai.

#5 Aquaventure Atlantis in Dubai

iVenture Card Options: Dubai Attractions Pass

If you’re going to Dubai, you must make a splash here! It isn’t voted the Best Water Park in the Middle East for nothing: The water park has record-breaking rides, zip lines, and even slides that let you get close to sharks!

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Did you know? In the 1956 competition to design to Sydney Opera House, the eventual architect of the building Jorn Utzon was initially rejected by the first three judges!

#6 Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia

iVenture Card Options: Sydney Flexi Attractions Pass, Sydney Unlimited Attractions Pass, Australia Multi-city Attractions Pass

The iconic architecture of the Sydney Opera House was famous way before it was featured in Finding Nemo, alright? The UNESCO World Heritage Site is a performing arts theater, with the following resident companies Opera Australia, The Australian Ballet, the Sydney Theatre Company, and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

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The koala is perhaps the most iconic animal native to Australia.

#7 Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary in Gold Coast, Australia

iVenture Card Options: Gold Coast Flexi Attractions Pass, Australia Multi-city Attractions Pass

If you love animals, you’ll love cozying up to and feeding the native kangaroos and koala bears. More of a thrill-seeker? Test your nerves at the treetop zip lines!

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Port Arthur is a very significant heritage site and features an impressive open-air museum.

#8 Port Arthur Historic Site in Tasmania, Australia

iVenture Card Options: Australia Multi-City Attractions Pass

Being a former site for the convict settlement in the 1800s, Port Arthur played a significant part in Tasmania’s history. Judging by how scenic and beautiful the place is, it’s quite to imagine it used to be a grim holding space for criminals.

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The Aquarium of the Bay is located at Pier39.

#9 Aquarium of the Bay in San Francisco

iVenture Card Options: San Francisco Attractions Pass

An aquarium showcasing over 2,000 native marine animals of the region and more, Aquarium of the Bay is a must-visit! Catch the impressively intelligent giant pacific octopus have its brain tickled by some puzzles, or pay Tahoe the otter a visit. Debuting in April 2017, the North American River Otter is the newest addition to the aquarium.

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Don’t close your eyes! The Hair Raiser ride gives you an unparalleled view of Hong Kong and the waters it overlooks.

#10 Ocean Park in Hong Kong

iVenture Card Options: Hong Kong Attractions Pass

Half theme park, half zoo, Ocean Park is great attraction for visitors of all ages. We recommend you get a dose of adrenaline and treat yourself to a superb view on the popular Hair Raiser roller coaster!

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