The Best Taiwanese Food Souvenirs To Bag Home

Updated: 4 Sep 2017

Latest! The Taiwanese Kiki Noodles have just hit Singapore earlier this month, and already they are flying off the shelves! So if you’re in Taiwan, be sure to grab a pack or two to dabao home. Read more about it below.

Taiwan is the go-to foodie heaven with an abundance of mouth-watering snacks: Think having multiple cups of bubble tea a day, chewing on spicy and tender cuts of chicken cutlet, and midnight snackin’ on tasty instant noodles. Are you drooling yet?

Case in point: With so many goodies in the market, it’s only apt that we highlight the top picks that make great additions to your (food) haul:

#1: “Chun Cui He” Milk Tea

taiwan souvenirs

Original, latte, and green milk tea are the three flavours you can score in Singapore’s 7-11 stores now. Image credit: Chun Cui He’s Facebook Singapore

Popularly known to be a sweet beverage with a creamy and smooth texture, this is a must-buy—milk tea fan or not. Sure, our 7-11 convenience stores may be selling them (if you’re game enough to queue up before 7:30am, that is—though the craze has reportedly died down). To date, only three of the brand’s 10 flavours are available: There’s milk tea (original), latte, and green milk tea. How about other flavours like coffee and oolong milk tea? You need to grab them in Taiwan, stat.

Update: We heard from a little bird that Chun Cui He is now offering two new flavours: Rose and Rose Honey! These are not available locally either (not yet, anyway).


#2: “Man Han Feast” instant beef noodles

taiwan souvenirs

Apart from chilli beef, there’s also Sichuan chilli eel, and spring onion eel flavours. Image credit:

The noodles are smooth, thin and springy. The broth is spicy, rich, and flavourful. But here comes the best part: The tender chunks of real beef! Perfect for stay-home, rainy, or lazy days, we say.


#3: “Chen Yun Pao Chuan”  Sun Cake Pastry

taiwan souvenirs

The soft, flaky skin, combined with its signature pastry filling is the perfect mid-day snack. Image credit: Chen Yun Pao Chuan’s Facebook

Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside—this is a definite treat that’s best served with a hot cup of unsweetened tea. Not too sweet, it makes for an ideal light snack you’ll want to indulge in for breakfast and afternoon tea. Apart from their sun cakes, the century-old Taichung manufacturing company that was founded in 1908 also specialises in other traditional pastries like pineapple cakes, almond nougats, and macadamia fudge.


#4: “Chia Te” Pineapple Tarts

taiwan souvenirs

Popular among tourists and locals alike, Chia Te bakery is one of Taipei’s gem. Image credit: Chia Te’s website

Founded in 1975, the traditional Chia Te bakery offers tarts that are quite literally to die for. We love its buttery “skin” and mildly sweet fillings. There’s only one stall in Taipei so be prepared to queue if you plan to visit their main kitchen. Don’t care about seeing the store, and just want to gobble up the goodies? You can find their pineapple tarts, sun cakes, and other pastries at 7-11 stores as well.

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#5: Doraemon-themed Tidbits

From simple crackers to biscuits and sweets, the 7-11s in Taiwan (note: different franchise stores stock different types of products) carry a wide range of Doraemon-themed snacks for adoring followers of the successful Japanese manga character.

#6: Taiwan-exclusive Potato Chips

Other than the local brands, you can also get the same international brands that we get in Singapore like Doritos and Lays. In those cases, the real fun begins when you score Taiwan-exclusive flavours like bacon, Swiss cheese, and sweet potato.

#7 Kiki Sun-dried Instant Noodles

Made famous by actress Shu Qi, these instant noodles will take your late-night supper game up another notch. These yummy noodles don’t just taste good–they’re healthy too. Instead of being fried, they’re dried naturally for 48 hours, with no preservatives at all. Tasty, springy, and with just the right amount of bite, Kiki noodles are a must-try!


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